Solar Impulse Becomes First Plane to Go Around the World Using Solar Power

The question on everyone’s mind: what’s going on with Solar Impulse? Read More >>

Solar Impulse Has Made it to Pennsylvania

Overnight, Solar Impulse safely touched down at Lehigh Valley International Airport in Pennsylvania. That’s another 650 miles ticked off of its bid to circumnavigate the globe using only solar energy. Read More >>

Solar Impulse Has Made It to Oklahoma

Solar Impulse has chalked up another 1,000 miles in its bid to circumnavigate the globe. The all-electric solar-powered aeroplane successfully flew from Phoenix to Tulsa, Oklahoma landing in the dead of night. Read More >>

Solar Impulse Safely Makes it to Arizona

After restarting its bid to fly around the world last week, the team behind the all-electric solar-powered airplane Solar Impulse has now made it from California to Arizona. Read More >>

Solar Impulse 2 Successfully Crossed the Pacific Ocean to Land in California

After taking off from Hawaii at 6:30am, pilot Bertrand Piccard reported that he felt great after a day of travel, and after a total 62 hours of flight time, he successfully landed at Moffett Airfield, California. Read More >>

Solar Impulse Pilot Feels Awesome After a Full Day of Nonstop Flying

Most human beings would be in a black mood after spending 24 hours awake, strapped to a chair, and concentrating hard so as not to die. Not Bertrand Piccard. Gizmodo caught up the man currently flying the Solar Impulse 2 plane from Hawaii to San Francisco, and he sounded downright chipper. Read More >>

Aww, Solar Impulse 2 is So Damaged it’s Grounded Until Next Year

We knew that the solar-powered Solar Impulse 2 was badly damaged on its record-breaking flight from Japan to Hawaii last week. But today we learned that the extent of the damage is so severe it will ground the craft until next spring. Read More >>

Solar Impulse Has Broken the Non-Stop Solo Flight Record

Just yesterday, pilot André Borschberg set the record for the longest non-stop solo flight, while completing the ambitious Pacific leg of the Solar Impulse’s journey around the world. Read More >>

Solar Impulse Sets Off on Grueling 5-Day Flight From Japan to Hawaii

The Solar Impulse solar-powered airplane has set off from Nagoya in Japan on its 120-hour flight to Hawaii—one the most perilous legs of its round-the-world flight. Read More >>

Solar Impulse Safely Lands in East China But the Hardest Leg’s to Come

Yesterday, the solar-powered airplane Solar Impulse successfully touched down in Nanjing, China, completing the Asian leg of its global trip. Next, though, comes one of the toughest parts of the journey: crossing the Pacific Ocean. Read More >>

Solar Impulse Just Broke a World Record for Solar-Powered Flight

The Solar Impulse plane took off on its mission to fly around the world without using any fuel on Monday morning, and it's already breaking records. As part of the journey from Oman to India, it flew the longest ever distance for a solar powered plane going point-to-point. Read More >>