Bill Gates-Backed Startup Uses AI to Create Solar Rays Hot Enough to Melt Steel

Like a kid burning holes in their toys using a magnifying glass, solar furnaces essentially do the same thing on a much grander scale. The larger an array of reflectors you can build, the bigger the sun-focusing lens you get. But a new startup is promising a better way to build solar furnaces using AI to reduce their footprint while boosting their power output. Read More >>

UK Rail Line Electrified With Direct Solar Power

A small part of the national rail infrastructure near Aldershot is running on solar energy, provided not through grid arbitration and offsetting, but directly sourced from a trackside installation of panels that cut out the electricity grid entirely. It's the first step towards running trains on electricity generated specifically for the job. Read More >>

Government Plans Tax Attack on Home Solar Installs

The tax enforcers at the HMRC are proposing a massive increase in the tax payable when purchasing a home solar and battery combo, with the existing 5 per cent VAT rate possibly rising to 20 per cent in the near future. Read More >>

800,000 Low-Income Houses Will be Getting Free Solar Panels

Renewable energy provider Solarplicity has just announced one of the largest green energy schemes the UK has seen to date, which will see up to 800,000 low-income homes get free solar panels installed over the next five years. Read More >>

The UK Just Produced Over Half Its Electricity Without Burning Anything

Some people don't like renewable energy, but those people all own oil wells or mines of some sort. For the rest of us an increasing amount of energy from sources like wind and solar is nothing but good news. After all, who doesn't want to tap into the unlimited amount of solar, wind and wave power we can access? Read More >>

The UK’s Solar Panel Covering Set New Production Records This Weekend

The patchwork of solar panels that pepper the roofs and back gardens of the country set a forward-looking new record last weekend, as the nice weather and the inclination of the March sun combined to see solar production tip demand for power from the grid to record lows. Read More >>

First Large-Scale Solar Road Opens in France

Normandy village Tourouvre-au-Perche has finished building what it calls the world's first solar embedded road, which is a bit wrong as there have been some small ones created before -- but this is definitely the first big proper one that goes all the way off into the distance like that. Read More >>

Elon Musk Says His Smart Solar Roof Could Cost Less Than Your Dumb Old Regular Roof

Shortly after shareholders approved the acquisition of renewable energy firm SolarCity on Thursday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that his company’s new solar shingles could cost less than conventional versions of the same thing, even before saved energy costs are accounted for. Read More >>

Tesla is About to Buy America’s Biggest Solar Energy Provider

Elon Musk is on the brink of acquiring the next critical component in a solar-electric transportation future. Tesla Motors has made an offer to buy SolarCity, one of the largest solar providers in the US — a company founded by Musk’s cousins, which Musk holds a large stake in already. Read More >>

New York Company Tests Solar-Powered Drone in Quest to Bring Internet to the World

Those black wings aren’t just for show. This manned, prototype aircraft utilised solar panels to keep itself afloat for around 20 minutes on Friday. Read More >>

New Solar Cell Turns Light Into Heat to Potentially Double Effiency

There’s an annoying theoretical limit on the efficiency of solar cells that limits the amount of electricity they can create from sunlight. But now a team of MIT engineers has developed a system that overcomes the problem by first converting light to heat—and it could double the efficiency of solar cells. Read More >>

The World’s Largest Solar Plant Just Torched Itself

Misaligned mirrors are being blamed for a fire that broke out yesterday at the world’s largest solar power plant, leaving the high-tech facility crippled for the time being. It sounds like the plant’s workers suffered through a real hellscape, too. Read More >>

Solar Impulse Has Made It to Oklahoma

Solar Impulse has chalked up another 1,000 miles in its bid to circumnavigate the globe. The all-electric solar-powered aeroplane successfully flew from Phoenix to Tulsa, Oklahoma landing in the dead of night. Read More >>

Ikea Resurrects UK Solar Panel Sales Despite Subsidy Collapse

Ikea's getting back into the solar panel business today after giving up on a trial last year, hoping that the people are now ready to try to carry a few home in order to lessen their reliance on the UK's creaking energy infrastructure. Read More >>

Solar Impulse 2 Successfully Crossed the Pacific Ocean to Land in California

After taking off from Hawaii at 6:30am, pilot Bertrand Piccard reported that he felt great after a day of travel, and after a total 62 hours of flight time, he successfully landed at Moffett Airfield, California. Read More >>