Termite Armies Send Their Oldest Soldiers to Die First

You might not be cool sending your elderly grandparents to the front lines of war. But termites think differently—if gran and granddad are already old and close to death, termites figure they might as well be the first casualties. Read More >>

This Video Shows Why You Should Never Mess With the Queen’s Guard

Ever wondered what might happen if you were to get in the way of one of those guards with the red clothes and pointy furry hats that parade around some of our most densely packed tourist attractions? This man found out. You get sort of chest-stomped by someone ordered never to stop marching lest the Queen chop his head off. Read More >>

Islamic State Has a New Terrorism Tactic: Doxing US Soldiers 

The so-called Islamic State's (IS) "Hacking Division" has posted personal information about more than 100 US military personnel online, and is allegedly encouraging supporters in America to use the info to kill the military members. Doxing (gathering and distributing sensitive information about a target) is the latest digital weapon in tech-savvy arsenal of IS. Read More >>

“Iron Man Armour” to Create an Army of US Super-Soldiers

As if the thought of being targeted by a drone strike wasn't enough to strike fear into the hearts of those on the wrong side of US military aggression, the news that the US Army is planning to create a legion of soldiers equipped with real-life "Iron Man armour" surely will. I mean, a single Robert Downey Jr is more than enough for one planet, right? Read More >>

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Helmetcam Shows a US Soldier Taking Fire in Afghanistan

This is war in 2012 — you can literally see a soldier under fire in Afghanistan. The soldier was shot but suffered no permanent injuries. It's insane. Read More >>

And the Latest, Weirdest Internet Meme Goes To… The Riflestache

Atten-shun! Just when you thought you have seen all there was to be seen in the internet, here comes the riflestache. Guys making photos of themselves holding guns with mustaches painted in them. Yes, that's all. As you were. [Kitup] Read More >>

US Military Wants to Develop Sixth-Sensing Super Soldiers

Call it "intuition," call it a "gut feeling"—either way the U.S. Office of Naval Research wants to train soldiers to harness their inner-Spidey Sense and improve their chances of getting out of battle alive and intact. Read More >>

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Watch This Life-Sized Tank Get Built Out of Egg Cartons

Building a tank out of egg cartons isn't the most conventional way to support Britain's soldiers. But sculptor Stuart Murdoch went against conventions to make his own, pretty awesome, life-sized replica of the British Army's tank: the FV4034 Challenger 2. A lot of work went into this "egg"-cellent piece of carton engineering, which took over 500 hours and 5,000 egg cartons -- as shown in the time-lapsed video. Read More >>

The US Army’s New Individual First Aid Kit Will Save Life and Limb without Getting in the Line of Fire

The US Army's IFAK—Individual First Aid Kit—used to be built into a SAW ammo pouch. This was a terrible solution as the pouch would continually get caught on other equipment—not what you want in a fire-fight. But no longer! The US military has just overhauled this life-saving accessory. Read More >>

What Soldiers Look Like Before, During and After War

Photographer Claire Felicie's Marked project shows the faces of soldiers before, during and after war. The differences are slight but undeniable. Skin is weathered, wrinkles are deeper and eyes are sadder. See for yourself. Read More >>

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Adopted War Dogs Are the Cutest War Dogs

You thought the war dog craze of '11 was over, didn't you? Surprise! KitUp's got a nice little look at soldiers in Afghanistan, and the strategic strays they befriend. This video contains both puppies and a SAW machine gun. Read More >>