Somerset Village Really Doesn’t Want a Phone Mast, Thanks

The small village of Compton Dundon in Somerset is really against the idea of having a phone mast erected in the area, as a mass of people with health issues and off-grid retreats would rather not have radio signals blasting through their healthier-than-thou bodies. Read More >>

Squirrel Kills Itself Taking Out the Electricity Supply of 1,400 Homes

The Somerset village of Milborne Port came under attack over the weekend, with one furious member of the animal kingdom committing electrical harakiri and taking itself -- and the electricity supply of 1,400 people -- out. Read More >>

UK Flood Panic Triggers the Largest Emergency Response Since WWII Blitz

The UK is currently gripped by the sort of "Blitz Spirit" not seen since we all cheered when that nice man won his gold medal in the long jump back at London 2012, with a government minister claiming the fire and rescue response currently bailing out houses across the country is the largest mobilisation of trucks and blokes since WWII. Read More >>