Unstick Whatever Crap Gets Stuck In Your Head, Even Call Me Maybe

Just as Kylie once attested to, getting stuff outta my head can be really difficult/annoying some times. But research shows that solving anagrams may be a way to stop the broken record. Seriously, this better work. Read More >>

This Hilarious Song About Tumblr Pretty Much Sums Up the Entire Internet

If you use Tumblr, or Facebook, or Twitter, or any site like that, you'll know that they're all complete time sucks. Hopping onto Tumblr is especially dangerous because of all the rabbit holes you can crawl into — food, tasteful nudes, fashion, tasteful nudes, animated gifs, tasteful nudes, virally reblogged reblogs, and other stuff like tasteful nudes. It's like if each Tumblr post was singing for your attention. Read More >>

Kim Dotcom Launches Vicious Offensive Against World With New Song of Mass Destruction

Dear US Government, please, for the love of all that is good and sacred and covered with bolognese sauce, please drop your case against Kim Dotcom. Let him get back to his naff life of food and lewd. Perhaps that way he would stop releasing songs of mass destruction like his new single: Mr. President. Just listen to it and you will know that's the right thing to do. Thanks! [Torrentfreak] Read More >>

This Girl Quit Her Job at Microsoft By Singing a Song on YouTube

Set to the tune of Don McLean's American Pie, Karen Chang sang an epic song announcing her resignation from Microsoft that included quips about making "cells and numbers dance", "long lines of code" and where she's going next. Everyone who resigns from their job should be forced to do a song and dance number like this. [YouTube via Neatorama] Read More >>