Listen to the Sound of Saturn’s Electromagnetic Energy

Sound and light have way more in common than you think, which is why it’s easy to turn light data, like radio waves, into sound. This can make for some pretty incredible science communicating tools – just look up Jupiter’s whistlers, falling bomb sounds caused by the planet’s lightning; or the chirp of LIGO’s gravitational wave detection, an ascending bloop as two black holes collide. Read More >>

New Tech Hopes To Improve the Technique of Olympic Swimmers (Without Doping)

With the Olympics officially starting and the swimming events guaranteed to set a few more records, you have to wonder how swimmers can continue to improve? Haven’t we reached the pinnacle of a human’s physicality by now? If we get any more good at swimming in the water, we’re going to continue doping, or we’re going to become merpeople. Read More >>

Artists Turn Sound Into Ceramics with Custom 3D Printer

Forget the traditional potter’s wheel. The unique textures of these clay sculptures capture the vibrations of actual sound waves, thanks to a novel form of 3D printed “sonic ceramics.” Read More >>

Take an Audio Tour of Classic Paintings Transformed Into Soundscapes

Many have savoured the arresting visual beauty of Raphael’s Madonna del Prato (1505). Now you can listen to it as well, thanks to a new series by Athens-based artist and physicist Yiannis Kranidiotis, who transformed this and other classic paintings into haunting digital soundscapes. Read More >>

CERN’s “Cosmic Piano” Makes Music Out of Raw Particle Data

At Switzerland’s Montreux Jazz Festival in July, jazz pianist Al Blatter found himself jamming with an unusual collaborator: the so-called “cosmic piano,” an instrument developed by physicists at CERN that relies on data generated by cosmic rays to make beautiful music. Whenever a particle passes through a detector pad on the instrument, the result is a musical note and a flash of light. Read More >>