The New Sonos Playbase Is Great, Comes a Little Too Late

There was a brief period of time—think 2011 to 2015, where the pedestal-like soundbar was convenient for TV owners. TVs had become skinnier and sound had ended up crummier as a consequence. Functioning as both speaker and stand, the pedestal was an appealing soundbar-style ideal for TV owners who had no plans to mount a set on their wall, but didn’t have space for a giant sound log resting precariously in front of their set. Sonos’ new Playbase is one of the best pedestal-style sound bars you will be able to buy right now, but, uhh, it’s also way late. Read More >>

Leaked Sonos PlayBase Actually Has a Chance of Not Sucking

Sonos is getting ready to expand its home cinema lineup, according to multiple leaks that surfaced in the past few days. Photos of a new Sonos product called the “PlayBase” speaker have been featured in a B&H Listing, several tweets, and FCC listing. Base speakers of this kind—which sit directly under a TV—have typically received poor reviews from audio fans, but Sonos’ proprietary sound-tuning software could give this thing hope. Read More >>

Quick, Buy A Sonos Before The Brexit Price Rise Kicks In

Yet another tech company is jacking up its prices because of Brexit: fancypants connected speaker company Sonos. Read More >>

Sonos Speaker Control Coming to Spotify

Spotify's apps are already great for acting as mobile remotes for whichever device is currently streaming tunes from the Swedish service. It's made my home cinema-connected PS4 my go-to stereo system as a result, letting me line up tunes through the PlayStation app before blasting them through my 5.1 speakers. So today's news comes as a natural extension of those capabilities – the Spotify apps will soon let you take complete control over any wireless Sonos speakers you may have. Read More >>

The Best Multiroom Wireless Speaker System to Fill Your Home With Music

We’ve spent hundreds of hours over several months using six multiroom wireless speaker systems in every possible room (and even outside) to find the best multiroom wireless speaker system. Though new competition is better than ever, Sonos is still the best for most people. If you want something cheaper, Google Chromecast Audio does a decent job, but you’ll need to provide your own speakers. Read More >>

Sonos is Laying Off Staff, Embracing Streaming and Voice Control

Audio firm Sonos has announced that it’s making some big changes, laying off staff and shifting the focus of its hardware to concentrate on streaming music and embrace voice control. Read More >>

You Can Finally Use Apple Music With Sonos

Sonos is billed as being the ultimate in-home music system, promising seamless streaming throughout your entire house. So it must’ve sucked to spend loadsa moneyyyy and not be able to use Apple Music with it, which was the case until today. Read More >>

Sonos Works With Apple Music at Long Last

Just as promised, Sonos has finally joined the list of apps that play nice with Apple Music—provided you’re willing to risk the beta version, that is. Read More >>

Sonos Play:5 Review: Wireless Music Made Elegant

Sonos conquered wireless music years ago, before wireless music was even a thing to be conquered. With the new Play:5, the company revisits its flagship speaker with a stunning new design and powerful sound customisation. The refreshed Play:5 might be the coolest speaker Sonos has ever made. Read More >>

Bose’s SoundTouch 10 is a Bluetooth-Wi-Fi Double Whammy

Sonos may be the king of Wi-Fi multiroom audio, but if anybody can give it a run it’s Bose, the storied manufacturer of sometimes very good sound gear that people can’t get enough of. This new £170 entry to its SoundTouch wireless line could be the key to winning over your home. Read More >>

Sonos Makes a Play to Reconquer Your Living Room’s Music

For years, Sonos speakers and software have been our de facto choice for a wireless multi-room music system. In the face of increasing competition from the likes of Denon, Samsung, Yamaha, and others, the company’s releasing an overhauled flagship Play:5 speaker and some smart software that makes your Sonos speakers sound good no matter where you place them in a room. Read More >>

Sonos App Breakdown Shows Mystery Touch-control Speaker

A technically gifted fan of the Sonos product lines has uncovered images of an unannounced speaker by pulling apart one of the company's music control apps, finding renders of something sleek and white and practically buttonless inside. Read More >>

apple music
Apple Music is Coming to Sonos by the End of the Year

Apple Music officially launches tomorrow when the latest update to iOS goes live, but if you want to listen in on your Sonos music system you might be waiting a little longer. But hope is on the horizon. Apple has said it will be bringing its new streaming service to the Sonos platform by the end of the year. Read More >>

The New Sonos Logo Looks Like Pulsing Sound as You Scroll It

Scroll the page. Go on, scroll it. And marvel at the way the new, perfectly static Sonos logo pulses like sound is emanating from its centre, producing a pounding bass line. Read More >>