MWC 2018: Sony is Getting Serious About Smartphones Again, and It’s Great

Not too long ago, Sony was a force (at least design-wise) in the smartphone world thanks to devices like the OG Xperia Z and the innovative Xperia Play. It was making cool looking phones while also pushing features like built-in water resistance that people now take for granted. But lately Sony’s phones have felt half-hearted. Read More >>

CES 2018: Sony Mobile Could Be Making a Comeback

There was once a time when Sony’s Xperia phones were some of the slickest, most fashionable Android phones out there, thanks to their stylish, minimalist designs and trend-setting features like water resistance way back in 2013. Somewhere along the line, the company got stuck in a rut, and despite having phones with impressive specs, Sony’s inability to fix critical mistakes caused its handsets to fall out of favor. Read More >>

Sony’s Next Must-Have Phone Gets Teased On Camera

Trailers for the latest film or blockbuster game do nothing but dampen our thirst for the oncoming visual treat, but a trailer for Sony's latest mobile blockbuster? Why, we're positively chomping at the bit now. Promising that "the best of Sony is about to get even better," check out the video above for some visuals on the hardware itself; the hint that it'll be waterproof just like its Xperia Z older brother, and that the power button is going to be another fondler, too. Read More >>