James Gunn Says That a Brightburn Sequel Might Be on the Table After All

Brightburn certainly felt like the start of something. While a bit uneven, the super-horror flick had the potential to be filled out with a more complex, engaging sequel. Read More >>

A New Spider-Man: Far From Home Clip Has Some Very Intriguing Teases About the Multiverse

This week’s Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer dropped some pretty major curveballs about how it’s going to deal with Peter Parker’s post-Endgame life – one of which was an allusion to the young hero’s first step into a much larger world. Or, rather, set of worlds. And a new clip has us even more intrigued. Read More >>

The Animators Behind Into the Spider-Verse Got Together To Create Their Own Fantastic Audio Commentary

The real star of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse wasn’t any incarnation of Spider-Man: it was the art. The distinctive art style earned Spider-Verse justified mountains of praise, and now the animators of the film have banded together to create a real treat for fans. Read More >>

Deadpool is a Terrible Brand Ambassador and HAL 9000 is Outdated in This Google Assistant Ad

Look, I’m not saying you should buy a Google Assistant. But this ad is brilliant. Read More >>

Into the Spider-Verse Wasn’t Shameik Moore’s First Audition For Lord & Miller

Shameik Moore killed it as Miles Morales, bringing one of Marvel’s best young characters to life. During his time on Into the Spider-Verse, he worked with Lord & Miller, the creative duo who produced the film. But it wasn’t his first time. Read More >>

A New Ghostbusters Movie, Set in Same World as the Original Film, Is Headed to Cinemas

The 2016 Ghostbusters reboot might have been a bit... divisive among certain audiences, but here’s some news to please the haters, and also anyone else who just happens to fervently love Ghostbusters: A brand-new Ghostbusters film, set in the same world as the 1984 original, is officially in the works. Read More >>

Sony Pictures Sued Over Data Hack (Again)

Nearly 18 months after North Korean hackers gained access to a huge amount of data from Sony Pictures Entertainment, including emails, unreleased scripts, and full-length films, the creators of To Write Love on Her Arms are suing Sony over its failure to protect the film from piracy. They want $8.7 million in damages. Read More >>

Typo Bank Attacks Linked With 2014 Sony Pictures Hack

Security researchers have identified “strong links” between recent SWIFT bank attacks, one of which was foiled by a typo, and the Sony Pictures hacks of 2014. Read More >>

Spider-Man Can FINALLY Join the Other Marvel Movies

Ever wonder why Spider-Man hasn't at least made token appearances in the big Marvel movies like The Avengers? That's because Sony Pictures, not Disney, hold the movie rights to the web-slinger. But they've just signed a deal with Marvel that will mean Spider-Man can finally appear alongside the likes of Thor and Captain America. Read More >>

Report: Sony Hackers Used a Zero Day Vulnerability to Break In

Hackers seriously affected Sony. That much is indisputable. But how they did it, and also who they were, is still up in the air. A Recode report sheds some light on the former, though; access was apparently gained through a Zero Day vulnerability, a previously unknown hole that could very well have been for sale on the black market. Read More >>

Sony Pictures Will Screen ‘The Interview’ on Christmas Day in The US After All

Multiple cinemas in the US are now announcing that Sony Pictures has authorised Stateside screenings of The Interview on Christmas Day. It's not such a bunch of cowards after all! Read More >>

FBI: North Korea Was Behind the Sony Hack

The FBI is now officially blaming North Korea for the attacks that have ravaged Sony Pictures for the past weeks. Read More >>

Hackers: Sony Employees Can Ask Us Not to Publish Their Emails

A group of hackers claiming to be responsible for the Sony hacks has offered Sony employees a small lifeline. If the company's staff write to them, it claims, they won't publish their emails online. Read More >>