Sony’s Six-Inch Fascination Continuing With Rumoured Budget Phablet

Rumours from the Chinese manufacturer scene suggest we're about to see a new large-sized Sony mobile appear at some point in the near future, with a low-ish spec model known as the Xperia Tianchi appearing on the tech news scene.  Read More >>

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It Seems You Really Can Use Pretty Much Anything to Write on the Sony Xperia Z Ultra

When we had a brief play with the mahoosive Xperia Z Ultra, Sony showed off its impressive screen-writing tech using a ballpoint pen. It's meant to be able to detect anything from pens and pencils to keys and nails forgoing a real stylus, and it seems that's not just marketing bluster. You really can use anything including coins and a Stanley knife. Ouch. Read More >>

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Hands-On: Wow, This Thing Is Huge

Sony's just busted out its entry into the dreaded phablet market, and there's no getting around it: Sony's Xperia Z Ultra is massive -- bigger than even the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 -- but it's an absolute power-house, and thin too. Read More >>

Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra 6.44-Inch Waterproof Phablet is Real

Sony's just taken the wraps off its latest addition to the Xperia range, a 6.44-inch waterproof phablet, which'll be the first phone released with Qualcomm's blazing new Snapdragon 800 chip. Read More >>