Sony Will Give a Free PS4 or PSVR to Anyone Pre-Ordering an Xperia XZ2 or XZ2 Compact

If you needed a reason to buy yourself Sony's latest mobile offering, whether it's the XZ2 or its Compact sibling, Sony's just offered something that might make the decision quite a bit easier. It's offering a free PS4 or PSVR Headset to anyone who pre-orders either phone. Read More >>

Rumour Claims Sony is Developing a Bezel-Less Phone With a 4K Display

Take a minute and think of as many phones with 4K displays as you can. Chances are the only company that will come to mind is Sony, specifically the Xperia Z5 Premium and Xperia XZ Premium. Other phone companies seem to have stuck their displays with a maximum QHD resolution, at least for the time being. Sony isn't falling in line with the crowd and giving up 4K phones, however, with new reports from China claiming it has a bezel-less phone with a 4K display on the way. Read More >>

MWC 2018: It Doesn’t Feel like Sony’s Xperia XZ2 is Even Trying to Compete With the Big Dogs

When you think about the race to the top of the 'Best Smartphone' list over the last few years, you'll see names like Apple, Samsung, Google, LG, OnePlus, and maybe Huawei pop up time and time again. Back in the day, those lists would also include HTC and Sony, and while HTC seems to have been trying quite hard to keep itself up at the top, it's never felt like Sony was putting in a significant amount of effort. Read More >>

Sony Announced a Cheap Full Frame Camera and It Might Mean My Panasonic GH5 Is Trash Now

Sony just announced a brand new, super cheap (for what it is) full-frame mirrorless camera that could make every high-end micro 4/3 camera, like the Panasonic GH5 and GH5s, look like complete garbage. The news came at the Wedding & Portrait Photographer International trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Read More >>

MWC 2018: Sony’s New Buds Have Holes in Them for Your Own Good

How many times have you seen this: a guy or gal walking down the street with one earbud in, while the other hangs loose around their shoulders and neck like some ridiculous techie bolo tie. If you’re like me, it’s a daily occurrence, and a sad symptom caused by design that doesn’t quite work. Read More >>

MWC 2018: Sony is Getting Serious About Smartphones Again, and It’s Great

Not too long ago, Sony was a force (at least design-wise) in the smartphone world thanks to devices like the OG Xperia Z and the innovative Xperia Play. It was making cool looking phones while also pushing features like built-in water resistance that people now take for granted. But lately Sony’s phones have felt half-hearted. Read More >>

Sony’s Teasing a Brand New Phone Launch for MWC

Poor Sony. It hasn't really had that much attention as a phone maker the last few years, not since it became the first (and seemingly only) company to release a phone with a 4K display. But despite the Xperia Z5 being a distant memory, Sony hasn't given up and from the looks of things it won't be giving up anytime soon. Something new is arriving at MWC, and there's a teaser to try and drum up some hype. Read More >>

Sony Very Nearly Had the Movie Rights to Almost Every Marvel Character Decades Ago

This year, Marvel Studio’s cinematic universe of superhero films turns 10—a milestone for a movie franchise that’s had such a fundamental impact on Hollywood, and shows no signs of stopping. But it only happened because of what turned out to be a monumental mistake a decade before Iron Man hit screens... a mistake by Sony, not Marvel. Read More >>

Sony Apologises for CG Rabbit’s Food Allergy Shaming

There's a film version of Peter Rabbit about to hit the cinemas and it's already going down badly with a certain subset of US audiences, with parents reacting with horror to a sequence where the CG animals torture one of the woodland friends' human accomplices by purposefully triggering his allergy. Read More >>

Sony A7R III Review: The New King of Mirrorless Cameras

For three years now I’ve been using the Sony A7S as my primary camera. It’s compact and it’s incredible in low-light, but in certain regards the camera is starting to show its age and doesn’t really fit all my needs: It’s limited to 12-megapixel photos, and it can’t shoot 4K video without an external recorder. As I’ve wanted to start printing photos and shooting higher-end video, I knew I would have to upgrade soon, but I’ve been waiting for the right camera to arrive. And I think I’ve found it. Read More >>

A First Look at the Incredible Future of 8K TVs

Do you remember back in the '90s, when high-definition TVs first started to become popular? Seeing that HD for the first time, the sharpness seemed almost impossible compared to existing technology. But this year, several top tech companies showed off 8K screens with 16-times as many pixels as those old 1080p HD TVs. For me, seeing these new super sharp TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) felt like the first time all over again. Read More >>

CES 2018: Sony Mobile Could Be Making a Comeback

There was once a time when Sony’s Xperia phones were some of the slickest, most fashionable Android phones out there, thanks to their stylish, minimalist designs and trend-setting features like water resistance way back in 2013. Somewhere along the line, the company got stuck in a rut, and despite having phones with impressive specs, Sony’s inability to fix critical mistakes caused its handsets to fall out of favor. Read More >>

ces 2018
CES 2018: Sony, Please Let Me Play With This Good Boy

First Sony killed Aibo, the little dumb robot dog. Then, like a phoenix, Aibo rose from the ashes, new and improved, with LED eyes and a soft little back. This good boy, who went on pre-order in Japan last year for 198,000 Yen (~£1,300), will go on sale on Thursday, January 11. In Japan. Read More >>

ces 2018
CES 2018: I Think Sony Realised Last Year’s Cool OLED TVs Looked Too Weird

Take a moment and step back to January 2017. That’s when Sony announced the A1E OLED, a cool new TV that used the display itself as part of the speaker. The big problem with the TV was how weird it looked. So Sony fixed that, and the new A8F series is decidedly more traditional. Read More >>

The Truly Wireless Earbuds You Should Buy Instead of AirPods

If you’d told me in 2007 that people would be walking around listening to music with wireless, popcorn-sized earbuds, I would have called you crazy. It is now 2017, and these futuristic little gadgets are a reality. But which ones are the best? Read More >>