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This Fluid Artist’s Messy Painting Style is So Wonderfully Soothing to Watch

Like Jackson Pollock, Piet Mondrian, and other abstract artists before her, Crystal Ma creates colourful masterpieces that are as much about the creative process as they are about the finished product. As you watch Ma pour rainbow after flowing rainbow onto a canvas, it becomes hard to care what the final result even looks like. Read More >>

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Mixing Liquids Under a Microscope Creates Wildly Colourful Worlds

Wenting Zhu mixed together paint, alcohol, water, fizzy drinks, and ink remover in weird combinations, stuck them under a microscope, and ended up with awesomely mesmerising effects. Read More >>

Watching Workers Paint Letters on a Road Is So Soothing

I’m not sure what impresses me the most in this video of workers painting the road. Is it the perfect angles drawn free hand with a tool that’s essentially a stick with an open box at the end? Is it the dude dropping the hot thermoplastic into that box, while his partner is drawing the letters? Or is it the exquisite, ballerina-like footwork of the two workers who make sure not to step on the letters they just made? Read More >>