Astronaut Pee and Sweat Could Be the Key to Getting Humans to Mars

In The Martian, Matt Damon used his own shit to fertilise potatoes and survive the Red Planet. While we all know Matt Damon isn’t actually an astronaut, we do know that human excrement is very much real—and it could be integral to getting real humans to Mars in the near future. Read More >>

Talk Everyone’s Ear Off Thanks to This Video On the Science of Whiskey

There’s no feeling more rewarding than being the smartest person in the room. Sure, your friends might think it’s annoying. But just imagine the sheer joy of going to the bar, hearing what drink they ordered, and explaining it to them. Try doing it on a date! Read More >>

Google Calendar is Down, Life as We Know it Ceases to Exist (Update: Life Goes On)

Oh no. This is it. It’s the end. We had a good run everyone, but Google Calendar is down. Read More >>