International Auction Houses Sotheby’s, Bonhams Say They’ll Stop Selling Rhino Horn

International auction house Sotheby’s has cancelled an upcoming sale of rhino horn artefacts in Hong Kong and joined other companies like Bonhams in saying they will no longer list any goods containing rhino horn for sale regardless of its origin, Agence France-Presse reported on Saturday. Read More >>

Real Moon Rocks Go Up For Auction, Expected to Fetch £750,000

Have you ever wanted to own a piece of the moon? Now might be your chance, if you have a million bucks lying around. Next month Sotheby’s in New York will auction off some of the only moon rocks that can be legally owned by private individuals. Read More >>

Rare 1932 Movie Poster for The Mummy Expected to Fetch Over £756,000 at Sotheby’s Auction

The 1932 version of The Mummy starring Boris Karloff is one of the greatest horror movies ever made, right up there with the 1930s versions of Dracula and Frankenstein. And now an extremely rare movie poster for The Mummy could become the most expensive in the world after it goes up for auction starting today and running through Halloween. Read More >>

Fully-Functional TRON Lightcycle Sold For £50,000

If you’ve always had your heart set on a TRON Lightcycle — a working one, not a matchbox toy — you’d better start saving. The going rate (as much as there is a going rate for one-off movie-replica collectibles) is $77,000 (£49,927). Read More >>

Posh Auction House Sotheby’s to Stream Auctions through eBay

A new "live" auction section of eBay is launching this autumn, initially starring a selection of arty super-collectibles from traditional auction house Sotheby's. Read More >>

Jony Ive’s RED Mac Pro Sold For over £600k This Weekend

Chris Martin and Bono played a duet on a £1 million piano, Jenna and Barbara Bush worked the room, and a computer was sold for £604,000. Though Vanity Fair contends that Jony Ive and Marc Newson’s Sotheby’s auction on Saturday was “unlike the typical Sotheby’s auction,” it still sounds like pretty typical rich people stuff to us. Read More >>

Inside Jony Ive’s Extraordinary (and Very Expensive) Sotheby’s Auction

Jony Ive creates objects that end up in the hands of hundreds of millions of people. But for his latest trick—a RED charity auction—he and designer Marc Newson are offering up something else: The one-of-a-kind. Read More >>

Is Your Old Computer Worth a Cool £240,000?

That's how much an original Apple I just sold for at Sotheby's in New York. The colossal sum was literally just for the naked board too -- the ancient, yet still working computer had no case, monitor, or keyboard -- simply a piece of junk to the untrained eye. Read More >>