The BBC Just Made Over 16,000 Sound Effect Samples Available Absolutely Free

The BBC has a pretty hefty archive these days, which is to be expected after nearly 100 years of operation. Among its archives are sound effects that have been used throughout the decades, and the Beeb just made 16,016 samples available to everyone - absolutely free. Read More >>

The Times is Blasting Journalists With Typewriter Sound Effects

Rupert Murdoch must be feeling nostalgic: Reporters in The Times' newsroom are working under a constant soundtrack of (artificial) typewriter clatter. It's an experiment to "increase energy levels," and for a generation of reporters who grew up on word processors, it's probably torture. Read More >>

Jurassic Park’s Dinosaur Sound Effects Were Actually Animal Sex Sounds

So, uh, this is an uncomfortable one. You know the dinosaur sounds from Jurassic Park that framed the way you imagined every dinosaur ever? They were actually recordings of animals boning, or just about to bone. Read More >>

The Sounds in Lincoln Are the Same Ones Honest Abe Heard

If you need any other proof that the filmmakers behind Lincoln went above and beyond the call of duty to make the film as authentic as possible, sound designer Ben Burtt tracked down one of Lincoln's original pocket watches and recorded its actual ticking sound. That's dedication. Read More >>