How Servant’s Composer Made a Creepy Show Even Creepier

Apple TV+’s mysterious Servant – from M. Night Shyamalan and Tony Basgallop – begins streaming tomorrow. The unsettling atmosphere of the show is achieved in part due to its fantastically moody score. Today, Gizmodo is debuting an exclusive track from the show and we got to talk to composer Trevor Gureckis, too. Read More >>

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One Man Band Makes the Greatest ‘Super Mario World’ Cover Music

Musicians love to play the themes from Super Mario games. YouTube is absolutely stuffed with covers using all sorts of novelty approaches. But this is the first time I’ve ever seen one man tackle all the musical parts and the sound effects while syncing up with a playthrough. Read More >>

How Pixar Uses Music to Make Us Cry

It’s not as simple as just playing sad music over sad scenes. No, Pixar plays with our emotions through music, sending out contrasting messages through what we see and what we hear to tear at our feelings even more. Which means, mixing happy music over sad scenes is how Pixar really gets us. Read More >>

The Far Cry: Primal Soundtrack Was Made With Skin, Bones, and Dirt 

The experience of playing Far Cry: Primal is immersive and visceral, an achievement that can be attributed at least in part to its phenomenal score, which fuses modern recording techniques with ancient instruments. Read More >>

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The New Charli XCX ‘Famous’ Video is Basically an Episode of ‘Black Mirror’

Bishop's Stortford's finest, singer-songwriter Charli XCX, has a new single out called 'Famous'. Now, if you're not into Billboard 100-topping British alt-pop 22-year-olds who support Katy Perry on tour, that probably wouldn't typically blink on your radar too hard. But fronting her latest teen-pop nugget is a darkly gadget-prodding horror straight out of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror series. Read More >>

Jack White’s New Interactive Music Video is Three Stories in One

Jack White's latest single That Black Bat Licorice has three different music videos in one. If you just hit play and let the video roll you'll see a dark animation of Jack Black. If you hit "3" while the video is playing, you get a live action version of the first one. And if you hit "B", a video of people headbanging like mad: Read More >>

Oi! Blur Just Uploaded their New Song to Spotify

So this arvo, elder indie statesmen Blur announced The Magic Whip, their first new album playing nice again in some 12 years. But in an oh-so-digital move, they've trumped that announcement already by pushing the first song from it straight to Spotify to capitalise on all that wonderfully organic social interest. Read More >>

Artist Suing Sony For Unauthorised Use of Her Song in The Interview

Musician Yoon Mi Rae is not too happy with Sony Pictures right now. Because even though the company has aggressively gone after people who don't respect intellectual property rights, it seems to need a lesson in IP law. Yoon Mi Rae is accusing Sony of using a portion of her song "Pay Day" in the controversial new movie The Interview. Read More >>

Seth MacFarlane Made a Christmas Album and it’s Actually Very Good

I think we are close enough to Christmas to warrant finally flipping the switch on the carols, firing up the jingle jangle with reckless abandon. For that, I have an album all ready for you to blast at top volume. And the dude who made it? Also brought us Family Guy. Read More >>

‘Day of the Dead’ Soundtrack Reissued in ‘Zombie Bub Flesh and Blood’ Vinyl

Alas, too late for Halloween, but this not-quite-timely Day of the Dead reissue is above being a rubbish fancy-dress-party prop anyway. Read More >>

Long-Lost Recordings From the Remote Parts of the World

In the mid-1980s, a documentarian named David Blair Stiffler travelled to the most remote parts of the Philippines to capture a series of field recordings—a fairly straightforward task made considerably more complicated by kidnapping at gunpoint and subsequent captivity. Read More >>

This Meta Movie Birdman Trailer is, Without a Doubt, Set to the Perfect Tune

The trailer for Birdman, starring Michael Keaton as a washed-up actor and former star of a superhero franchise who's trying to stage a comeback with a play he wrote to direct and star in himself, looks like all kinds of meta cinematic insanity—set to a sweet cover of Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood for perfect dramatic effect. Read More >>

Dire Straits Sold Masses of CDs Because They Were Picked to Pimp the Format

Money For Nothing by Dire Straits is a song remembered for many things: a dirty hook to kick things off; background vocals by Sting; a cool, early-VR-style video; and the inevitable Weird Al parody. It was a successful single on Brothers in Arms, a successful album that was one of the first major hits on those shiny, new-fangled compact discs. Read More >>

Who Recorded the Best Ever Cover of Summertime?

Forget about any of those other fool who are cranking out summer hits this season. Today is the time to make your case for the best ever cover of that all-time classic: Summertime. Read More >>

This ’80s Version of the Game of Thrones Theme is Totally Radical

If you think about it, the battle for control over the lands of Westeros would totally still make sense if it were set in the 1980s. It now even has an appropriate remix of its theme song as written and performed by Steve Duzz. Read More >>