Meet the Audio Engineers Who Made Captain America: Civil War Sound So Good

Civil War is a big, loud ensemble movie. That’s what we expect from it, and that’s why it’s fun. But when the camera is whipping around during a huge fight scene, how come we still know what’s happening? Read More >>

The Far Cry: Primal Soundtrack Was Made With Skin, Bones, and Dirt 

The experience of playing Far Cry: Primal is immersive and visceral, an achievement that can be attributed at least in part to its phenomenal score, which fuses modern recording techniques with ancient instruments. Read More >>

The Sonic Secrets That Bring Pixar’s Latest Movie To Life

For a totally animated flick, it's the sound masters behind the scenes who are really responsible for bringing a movie to life—every squeal, sigh, and clunk is key. Thanks to the people over at SoundWorks, we get to see (and hear) the steps it took to give a literal voice to Pixar's newest film, Monsters University. Read More >>

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How Star Trek Into Darkness’ Epic Score Came to Life

They hear it through the entire movie, but most theatre goers don't pay close attention to one of the most important supporting players in a film: the soundtrack. It's as important for building tension and excitement as the actors' performances, and the Soundworks Collection took a closer look at what went into the music behind Star Trek Into Darkness. Read More >>