We Talked to the Graduate Student Who Made Bricks From Human Wee

Wee contains some pretty amazing stuff. Scientists have known for nearly a decade that it’s possible to produce bricks from bacteria, sand, and urea—a chemical found in urine. Researchers have gone ahead and produced those bricks, now for the first time with human wee. Read More >>

This Could Be Why Orcas Have Been Eating Great White Sharks in South Africa

A South African shark-watching hotspot has recently turned into the scene of a seaside horror movie. For several months, enormous great white shark corpses have been washing up on the Gansbaai beaches, often missing their livers as if feasted upon by cetacean Hannibal Lecters. But this is no movie—it’s just biology, ruthless as ever. Read More >>

This Story About Killer Whales Eating Great White Sharks Is Basically a Horror Movie Now

You might remember last month when orcas ate an enormous great white shark’s liver, Hannibal Lecter style, in South Africa. It seems the killer whales have decided, why stop there? Why not take the testicles and stomach, too? Read More >>

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This Stunning Drone Footage of South Africa Made Me Feel Things Again

For the past couple of years, mediocre drone videos of dramatic landscapes have littered the internet. Like, we get it, drone pilots. Your camera flies and stuff looks pretty from the sky and the whole conceit is pretty trite at this point. And then I saw these four minutes of magic, filmed in South Africa. Read More >>

Hundreds of New Galaxies Detected in First Image From Super Telescope

The MeerKAT radio telescope isn’t even finished being built, but it’s already released its first image: a small patch of sky showcasing 1,300 galaxies. Read More >>

Gorgeous Sweeping Views of the Dragon Mountains 

Cooped up in a city or squandered in a suburb, it’s easy to forget how damn wonderful nature can be. Here are some truly stunning views of the Drakensberg Escarpment in South Africa. I love how the shadows and light shutter over the mountains throughout the day. Drakensberg is derived from the Afrikaans word Drakensberge which means Dragon Mountains. Pretty fitting. Read More >>

Ancient Microbes May Have Created the World’s Largest Gold Mines

Nearly half the gold ever mined comes from the Witwatersrand Basin, a layer of gold-flecked rock that spreads out under South Africa. The mines there are famously deep and prolific. Why is there so much gold concentrated in this one small part of the Earth's crust? Read More >>

A Tour of the Tallest Residential Tower in Africa

Skyscrapers tend to become lightening rods for the neighbourhoods they're in—and nowhere is that more true than in Johannesburg's Ponte City, a hulking 54-story tower has gone from Apartheid enclave to drug dealer haven to symbol of urban renewal. Read More >>

This Stone Mosaic of Johannesburg Looks Like a Real Satellite Map

From afar, this bird's eye view of Johannesburg looks like a satellite snapshot. But it's not—it's actually a massive, meticulously created mosaic. It contains thousands of fragments of stone and tile, but together, they look amazingly photo-realistic. Read More >>

How to Sun-Cook a Steak in South Africa

Consistent electricity is more guideline than rule in South Africa, even on the outskirts for the capital city of Johannesburg. This ambiguity leaves residents either living in the dark or at the mercy of expensive and hazardous kerosene- or coal-based fuels. One social entrepreneur however, has a plan to provide clean, safe, nearly free energy to even Johannesburg's poorest citizens. Read More >>

South African Student Invents Water-less Bathing

When finding a steady source of potable water is challenge enough in the developing world who has the time — or water — to take a shower? One South African student may have the answer with a unique, water-less shower gel — that he invented on his dumb phone. Read More >>

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Watch Top Gear Attempt an Insane Double Loop-the-Loop In a Car

Top Gear's already proved that it's perfectly possible to do a full 360-loop in a car just like that crazy Hot Wheels toy, but what about a double loop or "deadly 720"? Read More >>

Million-Year-Old Campfire Could Be One of Humanity’s First

Harnessing fire is up there with language and an upright stance in terms of "important milestones in early human development." And if the findings from a recent excavation are verified, hominids may have been playing with fire for far longer than we previously suspected. Read More >>

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This Spectacular Nebula Is Not In Space

This photo was taken from space, but it's not a galaxy or a nebula. It's a massive phytoplankton bloom off the coast of South Africa, just when the Atlantic and the Indian oceans meet. Read More >>

The World’s Oldest Bed Is 77,000 Years Old

Archaeologists have found the world's oldest bed in South Africa and it's 50,000 years older than any bedding ever found. The 77,000-year-old bedding, which was made with medicinal plants, shows how creative our ancestors could be. Read More >>