‘Crown Prince Of Samsung’ Arrested, May Become Crown Prince Of Prison

It's more bad news for Samsung as its de-facto leader, Jay Y. Lee, has been arrested in South Korea in an ongoing investigation into bribery and corruption. Read More >>

“Crown Prince of Samsung” Avoids Arrest – For The Time Being

The warrant to arrest top Samsung exec Jay Y. Lee has been dismissed today by a court in South Korea and the de-facto company head has been allowed to leave the Seoul Detention Centre where he was being held, reports Reuters. Known in local media as the "Crown Prince of Samsung," Vice Chairman Lee leads the company in the absence of his chairman father Lee Kun-hee, who had a heart attack in 2014. Read More >>

North Korea Planned a Gigantic Cyber Attack Against South Korea

North Korea has been laying the groundwork for a massive cyber attack against South Korea, government officials from South Korea told Reuters. Read More >>

South Korea Accused of Massive Cover-Up of Rape and Murder Ahead of 1988 Olympics

South Korea is getting ready to host the Winter Olympics in 2018. But a new investigation by the Associated Press has revealed that the last time the country hosted the Olympics, in 1988, it locked up thousands of so-called vagrants and was complicit in their murder and rape. Read More >>

The Secret to Stopping Foodborne Illness Might Be Lasers

Researchers have developed a laser that spots illness-inducing bacteria before it makes you sick. Read More >>

South Korea Will Try to Save Itself From the Inevitable Robot Takeover by Investing £580 Million in AI

South Korea appears to be taking a “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” approach to the forthcoming machine revolution. On Thursday, president Park Geun-hye announced plans to invest roughly £580 million in the country’s artificial intelligence industry by 2020, largely as a response to the recent shellacking of countryman Lee Sedol at the hands of—you guessed it—Google’s artificial intelligence bot AlphaGo. Read More >>

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Kim Jong-un is Preparing to Go to War

Kim Jong-un, leader of North Korea, has put his military on alert, threatening "indiscriminate strikes" on the southern part of Korea. He has declared that the south has 48 hours to meet his demands, or face further military action. Read More >>

Here’s Samsung’s Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edition – and You Can’t Have One

Avengers Assemble! With your phones! Wait, that should be phone! And only if you live in the Far East! Read More >>

A Peek into the Life of South Korea’s Food Porn Superstars

Thousands of South Koreans tune in daily to Muk-bang (eating broadcasts): online live-stream channels where people eats large amounts of food on camera. Read More >>

South Korea Carrying Out Security Drills Following Power Station Hack

South Korea's nuclear power plant operator is conducting a two-day drill to test its resilience to digital attacks, following a series of posts on Twitter from a hacker claiming to have compromised power station computer networks. Read More >>

This Crisp Packet Boat Proves There’s Far Too Much Air in Your Bag of Snacks

We all know the frustration of tearing open a huge, tantalising bag of crisps, or nachos, or Quavers or whatever and realising the bag's 2/3rds air. Two South Korean college students just proved how empty our snack vessels are, by paddling a raft made of unopened potato chip bags across a river. Read More >>