Report: Uber Couldn’t Even Leave Southeast Asia Without Pissing Everyone the Heck Off

In March, Uber abandoned its operations in eight countries in Southeast Asia with an announcement that it was selling everything it had in the region to competitor Grab. Per a Monday report in the New York Times, it now looks like this exit was anything but graceful, and has infuriated both regulators and drivers in the region who think Uber essentially flipped them the middle finger on its way out the door. Read More >>

Treasure Trove of Newly Discovered Species Includes a Newt That Looks Like a Klingon (Ish)

Biologists working in the Greater Mekong area have identified a staggering 163 new species, including a horned lizard, a rainbow-headed snake dubbed “Ziggy Stardust,” and a newt that looks like a Klingon from Star Trek. Sort of. Read More >>