Lecture at Los Alamos in 1992: ‘The End of the Soviet Union is the End of Who We Thought We Were’

“Do not buy maps, buy stock in companies that print maps,” Dr Paul Goble told a group at Los Alamos National Laboratory in November of 1992. Read More >>

Scientists Think They Know Why the Caspian Sea is Shrinking

The Caspian Sea is about as strange as a body of water gets. Its surface still sits 27.5 meters (90 feet) below sea level, and water doesn’t flow out of it—it’s isolated from the oceans, and relies on a series of Asian rivers to maintain its levels. Read More >>

Russia’s New Missile Violates a Cold War Treaty But We’re Sure Trump Will Tell Putin What’s What

According to new reports, Russia has deployed a secret cruise missile system that violates a treaty between the United States and the former Soviet Union. Known as the SSC-X-8, the Obama administration previously warned Russia about developing the land-based system, but the country went ahead and built it anyway. Now that Trump is in office, there’s speculation about what the new administration will do about it. Read More >>

How Russians Imagined the Year 2017 In 1960

How did the people of the Soviet Union expect to live in the year 2017? A filmstrip from 1960 shows that their expectations were pretty similar to the futuristic predictions of Americans. With a touch more Communism, of course. Read More >>

Chernobyl’s Gigantic Radiation Shield Is Now Being Moved Into Place

A giant metal shield designed to contain radioactive waste at Chernobyl’s damaged nuclear reactor is being moved into place. Read More >>

Why America Beat the Russians at Building the Internet

From the late 1950s until the late 1980s, scientists in both the United States and the Soviet Union were working on computer networking in one form or another. Why did the US succeed where the Russians failed? That’s the subject of a new book titled How Not to Network a Nation: The Uneasy History of the Soviet Internet by Benjamin Peters. Read More >>

These Bus Stops Leftover from the Soviet Union Are So Wonderfully Bizarre

The Soviet Union. The USSR. The Iron Curtain. The Eastern Bloc. Lenin. Stalin. The Communist Party. The KGB. The Cold War. And awesomely designed bus stops? Read More >>

North Korea’s Brand New Ballistic Sub Was Discontinued by Soviets in 1990

Looks like North Korea's engineers have been hard at work brushing up on their obsolete Soviet-era technology. Because after acquiring 10 discontinued Soviet subs, everyone's everyone's favorite little warmongering-dictatorship-that-could has finally rendered the outdated ballistic vessels seaworthy—and it only took them 21 years. Read More >>

Humans First Saw the Far Side of the Moon 55 Years Ago

The side of the moon that faces Earth is familiar to anyone who's stood outside at night. But it wasn't until 4th October 1959 that mankind was able to glimpse the far side of the moon, thanks to a grainy-yet-distinct photo sent back by the Russian spacecraft Luna 3. Read More >>

A Rare Tour of the Long-Secret Russian Town Where Cosmonauts are Born

If you went looking for Zvezdny Gorodok, aka Star City, on a map in the 1960s, you'd have no luck. This small town outside of Moscow was long a state secret, and for good reason: It was the base where Cosmonauts came to train for—and recover from—space flight. And it's still cooking. Read More >>

Soviet Doctors Cured Infections With Viruses, and Soon Yours Might Too

In the Soviet Union, western antibiotics couldn't make it past the Iron Curtain. So Eastern Bloc doctors figured out how to use viruses to kill the bacteria that caused infections. Now, with antibiotic-resistant bacteria vexing modern medicine, that eerie yet effective method might come our way. In post-antibiotic world, infection is cure! Read More >>

Buying Pieces of the Space Race at Bonhams’ Space History Auction

This week, Bonhams hosted an auction of historical space items in Manhattan. The Space History Sale featured troves of objects and documents, both American and Soviet, dating back to the heyday of the space race.  Gizmodo got the chance to take a peek. Read More >>

Soviet-Era Ukranian Bomber Briefly Appears on eBay for £1.8 Million

Have you ever wanted to own a plane from a long-gone oppressive regime? Who am I kidding, of course you have. Someone over in the Ukraine tried to capitalise on this ever-expanding market, which is why they put a 27-year-old Tupolev TU-95 bomber up for sale on eBay. Read More >>

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The World’s Largest Cargo Plane Can Swallow a 737 Whole

Whether you need to get an airliner across a continent without flying it, piggyback a space shuttle to its launch site, or ship Snoop Dog's oversized tour stage to Nigeria, you're going to need the world's biggest and strongest aircraft: the Antonov An-225. Read More >>