Russian Cargo Ship Reaches Space Station in Record Time

A Russian-built spacecraft has reached the International Space Station in less than four hours, making it the fastest supply mission to space in history. Read More >>

National Railway Museum Branches Out into Space Equipment and VR

The National Railway Museum has just upped its awesomeness score to 11/10, as a new exhibit has joined the venue's original bullet train and inspiring range of steam machines -- Tim Peake's Soyuz module. Read More >>

Watch NASA Launch a Crew of New Astronaunts to the International Space Station Live

The Soyuz spacecraft will be blasting off into space this evening—and pulling a crew of new astronauts up to the International Space Station along with it. Watch it happen live right here. Read More >>

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This Snowy Soyuz Launch Looks Like a Space-Themed Christmas Card

On Sunday, a Soyuz-2.1b rocket was successfully launched from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome, Russia’s northern space port, carrying a 3,119-pound Glonass navigation satellite into orbit. And boy was it snowy. Read More >>

Lego Soyuz Capsule Built and Installed in the Science Museum

An enormous Lego build has been organised and sanctioned by the Science Museum and the UK Space Agency, seeing a two-thirds scale model of the Orbital Module of the Soyuz Capsule built from a quarter of a million bricks to amaze visiting children. Read More >>

Last Night’s Mission to the ISS Successfully Limped Home With Only One Wing

A Soyuz capsule carrying three astronauts to the International Space Station blasted off at around 9pm GMT last night. Despite only deploying one of two solar panels, the capsule has docked safely, and it’s welcome party (and fresh food!) time on the ISS. Read More >>

This is What Astrounats Actually See on Re-Entry

Ever wondered what astronauts see when they return from the International Space Station at the end of their mission, tucked tightly into a Soyuz space capsule? Well, it's this. Read More >>

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This is Not a Jellyfish. Or a Sperm.

Not a jellyfish. Nor a sperm. In fact, this is a cloud formed by a Russian Soyuz rocket as it rose through the thin air of near space on the morning of Tuesday 8 July. The cross, right at the top of the formation, was made by the Soyuz's four boosters, as their plumes ballooned out in the thin air. [Roscosmos via New Scientist] Read More >>

Soyuz Thruster Malfunction Has ISS Crew Running Two Days Late

Yesterday afternoon's Soyuz launch has hit a snag. A thruster misfire means the planned six-hour flight, delivering US astronaut Steven Swanson and Russian cosmonauts Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Artemyev to the International Space Station, will now take two days. Talk about a terrifying flight delay. Read More >>

ISS Crew “Flew Blind” on Their Way Back to Earth

While exciting in some ways, homecoming, yay!, the trip home from the International Space Station is a scary enough journey even when everything goes right. Now imagine doing it with no height sensors to tell you how far from the ground you are and when to brace for impact. That's exactly what happened earlier week. Read More >>

Soyuz Capsule Returns Chris Hadfield and Crew Safely Back to Earth

After inspiring all of us on Earth, Commander Chris Hadfield and crew have finally re-joined us here. The Soyuz space capsule landed safely at 10:31 PM EDT in Kazakhstan. Hadfield had spent 144 days on the ISS, 2,336 orbits around the planet and totaled up around 62 million miles. That's a lot of miles! Read More >>

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In Six Hours, A Russian Robo-Freighter Sprints To the ISS with Tonnes of Supplies

Two days might not seem that long for your latest Amazon order's arrival, but for the crew of the International Space Station, waiting 48 hours for fresh supplies must seem an eternity. That's why NASA and Rosaviakosmos have melded new technology and old technique to deliver supplies eight times faster than before. Read More >>