So, About the Satellite That’s About to Crash Into Earth…

I love clicks as much as the next online journalist. I love that there is an uncertain thing happening, with infinite angles to write about and to scare people with. But as the Chinese Tiangong-1 satellite nears its final descent to Earth this weekend, I need to remind you: It’s not a big deal. Read More >>

Can Gecko Feet Help Us Clean Up Space Junk?

There’s a crapload of debris orbiting our planet and potentially posing a hazard to our astronauts and our satellites. One estimate says there are 21,000 pieces of space junk larger than 10 centimetres, that could collide with other objects at velocities ten times faster than a bullet. How do we get it down? You can’t just grab any old space debris with claws, and even if you could, grippers can be unwieldily. So a team of scientists thought, what about sticky stuff? Read More >>

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Space WiFi Plans Could Lead To Catastrophic Crashes, Study Warns

If you've ever fancied dying by being beaned in the head by an errant piece of space junk, you might just be in luck. A study by an aerospace engineering expert shows our plans for space WiFi could cause a whole load of satellite crashes. Read More >>

This Crack in the Glass is the Last Thing You Want to See When Looking Out the ISS Window

This quarter-inch diameter chip was photographed by British astronaut Tim Peake from inside the Cupola module of International Space Station. Alarmingly, it’s actually in one of the windows. Read More >>

Watch 60 Years of Space Junk Accumulate Around Earth

You think the litter problem in your city is bad? Try outer space. We humans have been littering our cosmic backyard with spent satellites, rocket hulls, and other discarded debris fragments for as long as we’ve had the technological know-how. Read More >>

Scientists Propose Putting a Laser on the ISS to Blast Space Junk 

Millions of pieces of space junk, big and small, are constantly circling the Earth. This intractable problem has inspired many grandiose ideas, but perhaps none as initially bizarre-sounding as a laser on the International Space Station. It sound crazy but it is a real scheme recently proposed by Japanese scientists. Read More >>

Japan’s Launching a Giant Net Into Orbit to Scoop Up Space Junk

Something must be done to deal with the estimated 100 million bits of man made space junk circling the planet, and Japan is taking the lead. But can we do? Shoot it with a laser? Invent Wall-E-like robots to collect it? Nah… let's just blast a big net into space. Read More >>

Falling Soon Through a Sky Near You — This Satellite

It's what the New York Times calls "the latest in a parade of spacecraft falling from the sky": the imminent crash of the European Space Agency's Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer satellite (or GOCE). Read More >>