Scientists Find a Possible Deal Breaker in the Quest to Build a Space Elevator

Carbon nanotubes have been pegged as the wonder material that could finally allow us to build a lift that could take humans to space. A discouraging new study suggests these microscopic strands aren’t as resilient as we thought — and all it could take is a single misplaced atom to bring the whole thing crashing down. Read More >>

How Would a Real Space Elevator Work and Is It Even Possible to Build?

Kurzgesagt ponders the question of whether space elevators can be built and answers it as only they can. Read More >>

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One Small Step for Man, One Giant Space Elevator for Mankind

Canadian space-firm Thoth Technology obviously didn’t think taking off in a jet-powered rocket is suitably thrill inducing, so they designed the ‘ThoX Tower’, a sky-high ‘Space Elevator’. Read More >>

A Willy-Wonka-like Space Elevator Could Be Just 20 Years Away

An elevator to space may not be the reserve of Roald Dahl children's novels, as a new report claims that what was once a science-fiction pipe-dream could become a reality within our lifetimes. Read More >>