Botanists Just Answered One of the Biggest Questions About Farming on Mars

Researchers have successfully grown a crop of tomatoes, peas, and radishes harvested in Martian soil—and with those comes an answer to one of the big questions we have about how to farm in space. Read More >>

NASA Wants Kids to Use ‘Replicators’ to Design Space Food Tech

Keen to engage younglings with the science fiction of yore, NASA has put an interesting new challenge to its K-12 audience: design the future of space-based food production, using the real-life version of Jean-Luc Picard’s tea machine. Read More >>

There’s a Much Better Choice than Potatoes for Our First Space Farm

The Martian made space potato farming look, if not quite delicious or easy, then certainly plausible. But if we’re really going to live out in space, potatoes should absolutely not be our first farming choice. Read More >>

Astronauts on the ISS Will Soon Enjoy Heston Blumenthal’s Cooking

Thanks to zany chef Heston Blumenthal and new arrival on the International Space Station (ISS) Tim Peake, astronauts are about to get a lesson in British dining. Read More >>