Scientists Are Generating Oxygen from Simulated Moon Dust

European researchers are working on a system that can churn out breathable oxygen from simulated samples of moon dust. Read More >>

This Mining Company Plans to Land on an Asteroid in Three Years

If Deep Space Industries has its way, there’ll be a small robotic lander on a nearby asteroid in just three years. That’s the latest phase of the California-based asteroid mining company’s plan to bring about an outer space real estate boom by creating a resource supply chain off Earth. Read More >>

NASA’s Expandable Space Habitat Looks Super Cool

The ironic thing about living in space is that you spend all of your time crammed into a tiny tin can. So the brave men and women at the International Space Station are probably over the moon about what’s headed their way next month: a spare room. Read More >>

Space Igloos, Lava Tubes and Hobbit Holes: Here are Our Future Martian Habitats

The discovery of liquid water on Mars is great news for would-be settlers, but we’ll need more than H2O if we actually want to live there. The only cost-effective way for humans to colonise the Red Planet is for us to start building infrastructure out of local materials. I’m talking rovers made of Martian metals and greenhouses built on Martian cement. A series of fascinating new designs are helping NASA imagine what that locally sourced space colony could look like. Read More >>

Inflatable Greenhouse-Spa Makes Plants and Humans Happy

You know what’ll really liven up our future megacities? Little inflatable horticultural spas scattered everywhere, of course. Wait, what!? Read More >>

Here’s How Space Megastructures Will Look, According to a Sci-Fi Author

Famed sci-fi author Neal Stephenson’s new novel Seveneves is released in the UK tomorrow, and one of the most exciting things about it is that it’s packed with realistic representations of space megastructures where humans live. We talked to Stephenson about his ideas, and have some exclusive art from Weta showing what they look like. Read More >>

Inside the ESA’s Plan To Build the First Moon Base

We've known for years that the European Space Agency was pursuing research aimed at developing a lunar base. And the ESA has continued to build on the concept alongside a team of architects—today, it released a video that shows more specifics about the idea, which would use lunar soil to print a habitat for four astronauts. Read More >>