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One of the Largest Jigsaw Puzzles in the World Made Harder as Video Game Stop Motion

“Wildlife” is a very big jigsaw puzzle. Clocking in 33,600 pieces, it ranks among the largest manufactured jigsaw puzzles in the world and will set you back over £300. But if you think it’s hard enough to do on its own, imagine turning it into a stop motion movie of classic video games while you assemble it. Read More >>

Playing Retro Games on These Tiny Arcade Cabinets Is Still More Fun Than on a Smartphone

The thrill of realising you can play the classic arcade games you grew up with on your smartphone is immediately gone once you actually try to guide Pac-Man around a maze using touchscreen controls. It’s so frustrating that you might consider carrying around one of these incredibly tiny arcade machines in your pocket, in addition to your phone. Read More >>

Brilliant Space Invaders Backpack Straps a Miniature Arcade Cabinet to Your Back

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. This Space Invaders-themed backpack only looks like a miniature replica of an arcade machine—it doesn’t actually let you play the classic video game that has you fending off alien invaders. But we’ll happily turn a blind eye to that oversight, because everything else about this pack is fantastic. Read More >>

Google’s AI is Now Insanely Good at Playing Space Invaders 

Since Google acquired the artificial intelligence company DeepMind for $628m (£405m) last year, it's put the software to hard work...playing Atari 2600 video games. But no really, learning how to play 49 different Atari games showcases the promises, and the weaknesses, of DeepMind's software. Read More >>

The Time an MP Tried to Ban Space Invaders

An MP speaking in the House of Commons back in 1981 asked his peers to consider introducing laws to control the playing of Space Invaders, after a teacher in his constituency warned of the "increasingly harmful effects on young people of addiction" to the game. Read More >>

Jenga Didn’t Need a Space Invaders Version, But We’ll Take It

Based on an incredibly simple concept, Jenga is one of those 'board' games that will never go out of style. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for branded versions that bring something new to the table. (The table that you're trying desperately not to bump.) Read More >>

This Space Invaders 404 Page Is the Funnest 404 Error Page Ever

Few things are worse on the Internet than reaching a 404 error page. It's soul sucking, cable checking, life wondering, browser refreshing, absence inducing, mortality questioning bad. But it doesn't always have to be! Some 404 Page Not Found Errors are hilarious. A few are entertaining. This one has to be the most fun. Read More >>

NASA Finds Space Invaders Deep in the Cosmos

NASA's Hubble Telescope peered deep into a cluster of galaxies called Abell 68 recently, and found a wicked space invader that looks like it's headed right for us. Brace for impact! Read More >>

Monster Burner for iPad: Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire

Not sure how to classify Monster Burner. It's kinda sorta like a fantasy medievalist interpretation of Space Invaders. But it has another whacky dynamic at play, deeply rooted in puzzles, dominoes and fireworks. Read More >>