Is China Really Planning to Destroy Space Junk With Lasers?

There may be at least half a million pieces of man-made junk orbiting this planet. Tiny pieces can travel around 10 kilometres per second, far faster than a bullet. The International Space Station has had to adjust its orbit just to avoid the stuff. People are rightfully concerned about what to do with all this orbital litter. Read More >>

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Space WiFi Plans Could Lead To Catastrophic Crashes, Study Warns

If you've ever fancied dying by being beaned in the head by an errant piece of space junk, you might just be in luck. A study by an aerospace engineering expert shows our plans for space WiFi could cause a whole load of satellite crashes. Read More >>

A Japanese Effort to Remove Hazardous Space Junk Has Failed

An experimental Japanese mission to remove dangerous debris from orbit has ended in failure. It’s a frustrating setback given the mounting risks posed by the nearly two million bits of junk currently swirling around our planet. Read More >>

NASA Is Building a Robot to Refuel Satellites In Space

You would never buy a hundred million-pound computer without a repair plan, but that’s exactly what NASA does when it sends costly satellites into space. To ensure that its prized eyes-in-the-sky don’t become the solar system’s most expensive e-waste, the space agency is now building a robot capable of repairing and refueling satellites in orbit. Read More >>

NASA Just Flew a Spacecraft Closer To Jupiter Than Ever Before

We’ve never seen Jupiter quite like this. NASA’s Juno spacecraft flew closer to the giant planet than any spacecraft ever, revealing stunning images and gathering detailed information about the planet for NASA scientists. Read More >>

This Trash-Collecting Spacecraft Will Pit Giant Nets Against a Space Harpoon

It won’t be long now. In just a few short months, the long-standing debate — space harpoon versus giant butterfly net — will finally be settled by a good old-fashioned space trash collection contest. We’ve got ourselves a barn-burner here, folks. Read More >>

Watch 60 Years of Space Junk Accumulate Around Earth

You think the litter problem in your city is bad? Try outer space. We humans have been littering our cosmic backyard with spent satellites, rocket hulls, and other discarded debris fragments for as long as we’ve had the technological know-how. Read More >>

Scientists Propose Putting a Laser on the ISS to Blast Space Junk 

Millions of pieces of space junk, big and small, are constantly circling the Earth. This intractable problem has inspired many grandiose ideas, but perhaps none as initially bizarre-sounding as a laser on the International Space Station. It sound crazy but it is a real scheme recently proposed by Japanese scientists. Read More >>

Japan is Creating a Militarised Programme to Deal With Space Junk

Last week, the world was transfixed by the story of a gecko sex satellite that Russia lost contact with after it was knocked by some space debris. Apparently, it was the wake up call we needed as a species: Japan has announced the creation of a programme aimed at monitoring space debris, a military-based project that will fight on the "fourth battlefield". Read More >>

Car-Sized Hunk From Satellite Launch Found in the Amazon

A Brazilian fisherman floating down the Uriandeua river in northern Brazil bumped into perhaps the last thing you'd expect to find in the Amazon: a huge chunk of metal that the UK Space Agency says came from the launch of Europe's largest telecom satellite last year. How in the hell did it get there? Read More >>