360-Degree Video of NASA’s Powerful Rocket Blast Will Make Your Astronaut Dreams Come True

Before actually using them on what will be the world’s most powerful rocket, NASA has been thoroughly testing its new RS-25 engines. With 512,000 pounds of thrust, however, the best way to experience all of that power is through this 360-degree video that safely puts you right in the path of the immense blast. Read More >>

NASA’s Most Powerful Rocket Just Hit a Critical Milestone

Late next year, NASA is hoping to launch its Space Launch System—a powerful next generation rocket capable of exerting two million pounds of thrust. NASA engineers have now completed construction of a stand sturdy enough to test its enormous fuel tank. It’s an important milestone, and another step towards sending humans to Mars. Read More >>

Watch NASA Build a 130-Foot Rocket Tank In 60 Seconds

NASA’s Space Launch System rocket will be the most powerful booster humans have ever created. And to power that rocket, you need on big-ass tank of liquid hydrogen built with the largest welding machine ever made. Read More >>

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Why is NASA Building This Massive Football?

Because it has a goal! But a different kind of goal to the ones found on the players' pitch: instead, it’s one to help put astronauts on Mars. Read More >>

NASA’s New Rocket Booster is a Firebreathing God of Thunder

NASA successfully live-fired the new booster for its Space Launcher System. It's the largest, most powerful booster ever built, putting one hell of a scorch mark into the desert. And yes, there's a video. Read More >>

This is the Rocket Booster That May Put Humans on the Red Planet

This is the most powerful booster ever built by man, and it will be the driving force behind NASA's Space Launch System (SLS), the vehicle that will one day put humans on Mars. This engineering marvel will have its first major ground test today at 15:00 GMT. Read More >>

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Watch NASA Fire Up Its Rocket Engine of the Future

You might think NASA's not doing a lot these days, what with the dismantling of the manned space program and everything, but they're still making explosions. Now there's video: the J-2X, which NASA says is our next ticket to space. Read More >>