NASA Will Simulate an Impending Asteroid Strike This Week

NASA, the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and other national and international agencies are once again gearing up for a hypothetical asteroid impact preparedness scenario. They hope to learn the best strategies for responding to a potential strike, starting from the moment a threatening asteroid is first detected by astronomers. Read More >>

US Vice President Pence Gives NASA Five Years to Put Americans Back on the Moon – or Else

Speaking on behalf of President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence directed NASA to put American astronauts on the moon “within the next five years” at the fifth meeting of the National Space Council on Tuesday. Read More >>

Top Scientists Explain to US Senators Why We Must Look for Aliens

The US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation is holding a series of hearings leading up to another NASA authorisation bill, which helps set goals and authorises funding for the agency (2017-2018's bill is here). On Wednesday, scientists from U.S. universities, the Smithsonian Institution, and NASA answered senators’ questions about why Congress should fund the hunt for extraterrestrial life. Read More >>

Everything We Know So Far About Tiangong-1’s Crash to Earth

If you closed your eyes and threw a dart at a spinning globe, odds are you’ll strike the Pacific Ocean. And that’s just where the doomed Chinese satellite Tiangong-1 landed last night. Read More >>

What Will Trump’s Presidency Mean for Our Future in Space?

If you woke up today wishing to fling yourself into a black hole, you may be wondering what’s in store for NASA under President-elect Donald Trump. It is difficult to say much with certainty. But overall, the space agency will probably be directed to focus more on deep space activities and crewed spaceflight over the next four years, while its top-notch Earth science programmes could suffer serious cuts. Read More >>

A New Sensor Can Sniff Out Gold Inside Space Rocks

There’s gold in them thar asteroids—if only we could find it. Well, and get to it, extract it, and haul it back to Earth. You know, details. But that first part just got easier, thanks to a clever new sensor designed to sniff out gold, platinum, and even diamond inside asteroids. Read More >>