US Vice President Pence Gives NASA Five Years to Put Americans Back on the Moon – or Else

Speaking on behalf of President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence directed NASA to put American astronauts on the moon “within the next five years” at the fifth meeting of the National Space Council on Tuesday. Read More >>

SpaceX Plans to Return to Flight Next Week

The new year bring new beginnings, and for SpaceX, that means a return to flight after a five-month dry spell. Having officially determined the cause of the infamous Falcon 9 “anomaly” at Cape Canaveral on September 1st, the rocket company is eyeing January 8th for its first launch of 2017. Read More >>

year in review
The Biggest Space Race Milestones of 2016

Given how badly things are going here on planet Earth, it’s encouraging to see entrepreneurs working tirelessly to get us off this rock. From reusable rockets to Martian manifestos to asteroid mining, 2016 was a near like no other in the commercial space race. Here are the highlights. Read More >>

A Japanese Startup Will Try to Land on the Moon Next Year

Going to the Moon is officially hip again, thanks in no small part to Google, which is offering £16 million to the first private company that can land on our nearest neighbour, roll around a bit, and beam images back to Earth. The latest contender for that sweet sweet X-Prize money is Japan, which has just obtained a launch vehicle for the shiny metal cheese grater rover it plans to send to the Moon late next year. Read More >>

China’s Launching Its Longest Manned Space Mission Tonight and You Can Stream It Here

Today, China is set to launch its longest manned spacecraft mission at 23:30 GMT from the Gobi Desert and you can watch it live right here. Read More >>

SpaceX and Boeing are Getting a Parking Spot on the ISS

Late next year, if all goes to plan, SpaceX and Boeing will begin sending American astronauts up to the International Space Station, ending Russia’s monopoly on the ticket to orbit. In anticipation of the new space taxis, NASA is now building its commercial partners a parking spot. Read More >>

This Mining Company Plans to Land on an Asteroid in Three Years

If Deep Space Industries has its way, there’ll be a small robotic lander on a nearby asteroid in just three years. That’s the latest phase of the California-based asteroid mining company’s plan to bring about an outer space real estate boom by creating a resource supply chain off Earth. Read More >>

The First Private Company Just Received Permission to Travel Beyond Earth’s Orbit

In a world first, a US-based company has been granted permission to travel beyond Earth’s orbit into deep space. Moon Express, founded in 2010 by billionaire tech entrepreneur Naveen Jain, just received clearance from aviation authorities to send a robotic probe to the moon’s surface to scout it for valuable resources. Read More >>

The Next 6 Milestones in the Commercial Space Race

It’s an exciting time to be alive if you’re keen to watch humans get off this planet. A private space race is taking off, opening new pathways to orbit while sparking a burst of technological innovation. Even better, thanks to the magic of internet live streaming, we’re watching history unfold in real time. Read More >>

This Collection of Photos Show the Rusted Past of the US Space Race

When you think of NASA and the current rush to the stars, images of shiny Mars rovers or a speeding ISS come to mind. But the ghostly remnants of the United States’ space race still remains and photographer and professor Roland Miller has spend decades documenting their slow deterioration. Read More >>

SpaceX Is Gearing Up To Build Lots and Lots of New Rockets

It’s been a few really good months for SpaceX, and now, the commercial spaceflight company is kicking rocket production into high gear in anticipation of a packed launch schedule. Read More >>

A Timeline of the Tragic Shuttle Launch That Changed NASA Forever

Thirty years ago, the space shuttle Challenger exploded. The tragedy shocked a nation caught in launch fever, and reshaped how NASA thought about risk. Read More >>

Wanted: Reusable Rockets for NASA Research

Reusable rockets just went from a party trick to a research necessity. Have a rocket you can launch, land safely, and launch again? NASA wants you, now. Read More >>

Blue Origin Relaunched the Rocket They Landed in November

Yesterday, Blue Origin launched the same New Shepard rocket booster that they launched into space two months ago. Looks like the commercial space race for reusable rockets is on—SpaceX is flashier with bigger trajectories, but Blue Origin keeps beating them to firsts. Read More >>