Your Favorite Childhood Lego Set Has Been Turned Into a Flying RC Toy

Kids and space ships go hand in hand, which is why so many of us fondly remember Lego set #1682, the Space Shuttle Launch, released 27 years ago. Last month Adam Woodworth created a tiny drone version of Lego’s shuttle that could fly indoors, but now he’s created a larger version that can soar through the sky like an RC plane. Read More >>

Why NASA Sent John Glenn Back to Space at the Age of 77

With his passing yesterday, John Glenn is being remembered as not only the first American to orbit the Earth, but also the oldest. Here’s why NASA sent a 77-year-old man into space, and how his historic trip set space science forward. Read More >>

Why Did NASA End The Space Shuttle Programme?

By Mark Adler – NASA and Jet Propulsion Laboratory Engineer Read More >>

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NASA’S Put Space Shuttle Wreckage Into This Heartbreaking Exhibition

One day before the unfortunate SpaceX launch failure—which proved once again that space is hard—a new, deeply saddening but time inspiring exhibition was opened at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida. Read More >>

RIP Giant Machine That Put Space Shuttles on Top of 747s

In that great tradition of tearing down something old and less useful than it once was to make room for a new and more useful thing, we bring you the Mate-Demate Device (MDD) at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Read More >>

How Cramped is it Inside a Space Shuttle?

Here's a simple visual exercise you can do to get a better feel for the approximate living area inside one of our amazingly complex and now-retired space shuttles. Read More >>

Discovery, NASA’s Greatest Space Shuttle, is 30 Years Old

On August 30th, 1984, the space shuttle Discovery launched on its first voyage to space. It wasn't the first, but over the next 27 years it became the undeniable king of NASA's shuttle program. Read More >>

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Video of all 135 Space Shuttle Launches is a Rocket Tribute to Space

YouTuber lunarmodule5 is at it again with another NASA compilation video. This time, it's a four-screen tribute to the Space Shuttle, showing every launch of the Shuttle's 135 missions. It'll make your spine tingle. Read More >>

How NASA Could Have Rescued Astronauts Stranded in Space

The Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, which killed all seven astronauts on board, effectively ended the US Shuttle Programme. Now, a former engineer is proposing a radical (albeit hypothetical) solution to rescuing stranded astronauts that was inspired by the disaster. Read More >>

These Shiny Foil Screenprints of Space History are Fantastic

The designers at Astronomika have launched a limited edition screenprint series that they describe as their attempt to draw everything humans have sent into space. They call it "a growing compendium of beautifully crafted screenprints celebrating the past, present and future of spaceflight." Read More >>

Buying Pieces of the Space Race at Bonhams’ Space History Auction

This week, Bonhams hosted an auction of historical space items in Manhattan. The Space History Sale featured troves of objects and documents, both American and Soviet, dating back to the heyday of the space race.  Gizmodo got the chance to take a peek. Read More >>

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The Grandfather of the Space Shuttle Looked Like a UFO

In the late 1950s, at the dawn of the Space Age, the idea that a wingless vehicle could somehow generate lift just from its body shape was seen as beyond preposterous. But less than a decade later, this early forerunner of the Space Shuttle proved the design far more science than fiction. Read More >>

This is NASA’s New Giant Crawler For its Next-Generation Spaceship

Things keep moving at Florida's Kennedy Space Center in preparation for the first mission of NASA's Space Launch System and its Orion spacecraft in 2017. The crawler-transporter just passed the "first phase of an important milestone test". Read More >>