Everything We Know So Far About Tiangong-1’s Crash to Earth

If you closed your eyes and threw a dart at a spinning globe, odds are you’ll strike the Pacific Ocean. And that’s just where the doomed Chinese satellite Tiangong-1 landed last night. Read More >>

US Considers Moon Camps and a Space Station Hotel for NASA’s Future

The US Congress held a meeting today on what NASA’s overall purpose should look like under the next few presidents. But agreement on just what that purpose might be—as witnesses discussed everything from the planned Mars trip to a proposal for a space station hotel—seemed far away. Read More >>

Tim Peake: Everything You Need to Know About Britain’s Newest Astronaut

We've got one of us in space again for the first time in a long time, and our first ever ISS guest. He's Tim Peake, he's 43, and right now he's unfastening his seatbelt and preparing to shuffle from a Russian pod to the International Space Station, where he'll live, weeing into a vacuum cleaner and eating Spam out of a toothpaste tube, for the next five-and-a-bit months. So, who is this latest space hero? Here's everything you need to know about Tim Peake. Read More >>

Can You Spot the Astronaut in This Picture?

Let’s play a quick game of hide-n-seek. In this photo, NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren is seen working outside the International Space Station during a spacewalk on November 6th. Can you find him among the structure of the ISS? Read More >>

Watch the Space Station Go Flying Past the Moon

Thanks to the internet (and just a tiny little bit of maths), Israeli photographer Gadi Eidelheit managed to get himself in position to see something quite unique: the International Space Station flying in front of the moon. Even better, he caught the whole thing on video. Read More >>

The Space Station Had to Change its Orbit to Avoid Space Junk

If you've seen Gravity, you know how it goes: Even a tiny speck of paint shooting through space at 18,000 mph can be catastrophic. So when a hand-sized piece of space debris was going to fly by the International Space Station last week, the European Space Agency fired up the thrusters on a resupply ship docked at the station, making it the first time an ESA ship pushed the ISS out of harm's way. Read More >>

Report: NASA Cuts all Non-ISS Ties with Russia Over Ukraine

In an internal memo, NASA has stated that it will suspend all interaction with the Russian government, in response to Russia's violations of Ukraine's territorial independence. Fortunately for US astronauts Rick Mastracchio and Steve Swanson, both currently orbiting on the International Space Station, the two agencies will still cooperate to transport supplies and personnel to and from the ISS. Read More >>

Even Wringing a Wet Cloth Is Magical in Space

Astronaut Chris Hadfield continues to make us all insanely jealous of the time he's been spending on the International Space Station, with another video showing what day-to-day life is like orbiting the Earth. Except this time he shows what happens when you wring a soaking wet cloth in zero gravity, and the results are almost magical. Read More >>

How to Sleep In Space

While you are sinking into you soft, pillow-top mattress — or pile of trash — there are a handful of human beings in space who take to their nightly respite a little differently, by strapping themselves into a zero-g space coffin. Apparently it's better than it sounds. Read More >>

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In Six Hours, A Russian Robo-Freighter Sprints To the ISS with Tonnes of Supplies

Two days might not seem that long for your latest Amazon order's arrival, but for the crew of the International Space Station, waiting 48 hours for fresh supplies must seem an eternity. That's why NASA and Rosaviakosmos have melded new technology and old technique to deliver supplies eight times faster than before. Read More >>

The Space Station’s New Aquarium Prepares Astronauts For a Puppy Some Day

Thanks to JAXA—the Japanese Space Agency—the astronauts aboard the International Space Station have some new pets to keep them company. A small school of Medaka fish that will be used to study the impacts of radiation, muscle atrophy, and bone degradation in space. Read More >>

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The Most Amazing View of a Comet Ever

When the Commander of the International Space Station says he just saw "the most amazing thing I have ever seen in space," you know you're in for something incredible. We've never seen a view of a comet like this. Read More >>

Like Throwing Astronauts Into a Flaming Barrel

Astronaut Ron Goran may sound like he's being creative when he describes what returning from the ISS feels like for today's space-faring souls, but really, no he isn't. [Fragile Oasis via Boing Boing, Image] Read More >>