An Eruptive Star Proves Our Galaxy is Magical Even Without the Force

You don’t need Force magic to witness cosmic wonders, just a great telescope. Fortunately, the citizens of Earth have Hubble, which has been capturing the majesty of our celestial landscape for 25 years. Just in time for Star Wars week, you can now feast your eyes on Hubble’s latest astronomical portrait, which looks suspiciously like a double-bladed lightsaber. Read More >>

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The Most Epic Image of This Week’s Super Blood Moon Eclipse

What could be more awe-inspiring than a super blood moon eclipse? Oh, I dunno, how about a super blood moon eclipse over a lightning storm? That’s the jaw-dropping scene photographer Jose Antonio Hervás managed to capture this past Sunday over Ibiza, an island off southeastern Spain. Read More >>

Pornhub Wants Your Money to Make a Porno in Space

There are videos of people shagging while skydiving. There are videos of people shagging in scuba gear (I’m just assuming here). And if Pornhub and Indiegogo have their way, soon you might get to see sextronauts (yup!) making zero-gravity love. Read More >>

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Watch Saturn and Its Moons Dance in This Video Made Entirely of Stills

Video artist Sander van cen Berg created this winsome video entirely out of still images from NASA's Cassini and Voyager missions. Because the video is constructed like a flipbook, it also has a retro feel that's hard to beat. Read More >>