Charity Shop Shoppers Buy Over £15,000 Worth of Vintage NASA Flight Suits for £1

The potential of striking gold at a charity shop can be very much dependent on where that store is located. Given NASA’s Kennedy Space Center is just an hour away, a pair of college students in Orlando were lucky enough to find six vintage flight suits buried in a box at a Salvation Army shop that was going out of business. Read More >>

SpaceX Has Hired a Legendary Costume Designer to Create its Spacesuits

Movie spacesuits almost always look better than their real world counterparts. That’s probably why SpaceX has tapped legendary costume designer Jose Fernandez to develop their own in-house spacesuits. Read More >>

NASA Needs Your Help Testing Its New Space Suits

As Matt Damon has proved beyond doubt, wandering around on Mars takes one hell of a cool space suit. NASA’s current suits—and suit-testing protocols—aren’t up to snuff, and it wants your help making something better. Read More >>

We Rented a Bonafide Spacesuit for the Day (and Came Away a Few Pounds Lighter)

If you want to experience what it's like to wear a real-life spacesuit, you can go to one of two places: Russia or Brooklyn. (Or, you know, space.) We took the easy route and recently paid a visit to Final Frontier Design in the Brooklyn Navy yard to try on the outfit of an astronaut. Read More >>

MIT’s New BioSuit Shrinkwraps Astronauts to Hold Them Together

Our current spacesuits are awesome pieces of technology, but they certainly have their limitations. This is why MIT scientists (and NASA itself) have been working on a next generation spacesuit. And their latest innovation is super futuristic. Read More >>

You Can Buy This Adorable, Original Soviet Spacesuit for Your Dog

Is your dog made of tough stuff? Is it calm under pressure? Is it smart, patient and loyal? Then maybe it would make a great space dog—and if so this is just the outfit for your precocious pooch. Read More >>

Vote for the Design of NASA’s Next Spacesuit

NASA's next spacesuit is currently up for public voting—and the weird new designs are unlike anything you've seen from NASA before. Drawing on ideas from bioluminescence, contemporary sportswear, and some speculation on the street fashions of tomorrow, whichever suit gets built will change our image of astronauts forever. Read More >>

NASA’s Next Spacesuit Makes Astronauts Look Like Trash Bags

NASA is currently testing a prototype Z-1 spacesuit that looks more like a horrible, quasi-futuristic Ghostbusters and trash bag mash-up than an awesome suit that's meant to be worn in Space. Why does it look like this? Because NASA has no idea where—Mars, an asteroid, the Moon—it's headed next. Read More >>