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Elon Musk Starts Media Business, Possibly Named ‘Thud!’

Elon Musk, who already operates businesses in the aerospace, automotive, renewable energy, neural implantation, and tunnel-digging industries, has apparently decided to try his hand at media with a website called Thud! Read More >>

SpaceX Payload Fairing Survives Despite Missing Recovery Net by ‘a Few Hundred Metres’

Yesterday, a Falcon 9 rocket delivered the PAZ radio communications satellite, along with a pair of SpaceX-owned internet satellites, to low-Earth orbit. It was an otherwise routine launch and deployment, save for the attempt to recover the rocket’s payload fairing—a feat that’s never been tried before. Read More >>

Watch SpaceX’s Second Attempt to Launch Experimental Internet Satellites Live Right Here

SpaceX is set to launch a pair of experimental internet mini-satellites after yesterday’s launch was cancelled due to high winds. You can watch today’s launch of the Falcon 9 live right here, which starts at 2.17pm. Read More >>

SpaceX Delays Next Falcon 9 Launch, Said to Carry Starlink Prototypes, to At Least February 21st

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has delayed the next scheduled launch of its Falcon 9 rocket to at least Wednesday, February 21st for further testing of the rocket’s fairing, the $5 million section at its tip that deploys the rocket’s payload, Space.com reported. Read More >>

SpaceX’s Ambitious Internet Satellite Project Is Set to Launch This Weekend

With the inaugural launch of the super-powerful Falcon Heavy rocket now in the books, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is ready to set his sights on an ambitious project known as Starlink. On Saturday, SpaceX will launch two experimental mini-satellites—the first batch of what Musk hopes will eventually comprise a 4,000-satellite constellation providing low-cost internet around the globe. Read More >>

There’s Only the Tiniest Chance That Musk’s Tesla Will Crash Back to Earth, but We’ll Take it

By now it’s old news—somewhere in space, there’s a red Tesla Roadster with a spacesuit-wearing dummy in the passenger’s seat. It probably doesn’t drive anymore, and NASA has officially listed it as a celestial object. Read More >>

NASA Has Officially Listed Musk’s Tesla Roadster as a Celestial Object

You may remember that, as a publicity stunt, SpaceX propelled a red Tesla, driven by a dummy in a spacesuit named Starman with the words “DON’T PANIC” written on the control panel, into space using its Falcon Heavy rocket. That car is now a permanent advertisement on the NASA HORIZONS directory of solar system bodies. Read More >>

If You Could Bring Elon Musk’s Tesla Back From Space, Would it Still Work?

Yesterday's SpaceX launch was spectacular, making the Falcon Heavy the most powerful rocket in the world and wowing us with the synchronised landings of the side boosters. Yadda yadda, historic space stuff. But the payload was Musk’s own Tesla roadster with a spacesuit-wearing dummy in the driver’s seat. Read More >>

SpaceX Landed the Falcon Heavy’s Two Boosters, But Its Core Clipped Its Drone Ship at 300 MPH

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch went pretty well this afternoon, with the rocket’s two partially reusable Falcon 9 strap-on boosters making successful landings at Kennedy Air Force Station after jettisoning from the craft three minutes post-launch. However, the rocket’s centre core did not function as founder Elon Musk and team intended, and appears to have later crashed back down to Earth. Hard. Read More >>

Falcon Heavy Now Officially the Most Powerful Rocket in the World

SpaceX made history today by launching its first Falcon Heavy—and Elon Musk’s personal Tesla Roadster—into space, ushering in a new era for the aerospace company. Read More >>

SpaceX’s Best Hope For Sending People to Mars Will Launch This Week

On Tuesday, February 6th, SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket is set to embark on its long-anticipated debut flight. Armed with 140,660 pounds of thrust, it will be the most powerful operational rocket in the world. Well, that’s assuming it doesn’t blow up on launch or come careening back toward Earth—something SpaceX CEO Elon Musk says is a distinct possibility. Success or failure, here’s what you need to know about this historic launch. Read More >>

Seemingly Doomed SpaceX Rocket Surprises Elon Musk by Surviving Ocean Landing Test

Yesterday, SpaceX delivered a government satellite to orbit using its Falcon 9 rocket. Typically, these rockets return to Earth to live another day, but on this occasion, the company wanted to test an experimental landing system. The Falcon 9 was meant to end this mission in a watery grave, but the rocket unexpectedly managed to survive its deliberate landing in the ocean. Read More >>

Elon Musk Says SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Will Be Ready for Launch on 6th February

SpaceX founder Elon Musk says that the Falcon Heavy, the launch vehicle being billed as the most powerful rocket in the world, will be ready for its first launch on 6th February. Read More >>

Lost Spy Satellite Won’t Kill SpaceX’s Relationship With US Air Force

We still don’t know what happened to Zuma, a secretive spy satellite that failed to reach orbit after launching from Cape Canaveral earlier this month. SpaceX has consistently claimed that its Falcon 9 rocket worked perfectly—a claim with added credence, now that the US Air Force has said it’s not going to dismiss the rocket company’s right to vie for military contracts. Read More >>

SpaceX’s Dragon Capsule Made a Successful Re-Entry After Its ISS Supply Run

SpaceX said its Dragon cargo vessel successfully made re-entry on Saturday morning after spending more than a month docked at the International Space Station, carrying over two tonnes of cargo including scientific gear, experimental manufacturing hardware, and live laboratory mice. Read More >>