Spain is Gagging for Your Dad’s Full English Breakfast Money and Won’t Quarantine UK Arrivals

Spain really, really wants to get its tourism industry up and running again, to such an extent that it's prepared to waive quarantine requirements for UK arrivals. Finally, we have made a little friend on the continent. Read More >>

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What It’s Like to Be Sick and in Quarantine at the Epicentre of Spain’s Coronavirus Outbreak

We haven’t been able to go outside since March 14, when Spain’s prime minister Pedro Sánchez announced a state of emergency and national lockdown because of the covid-19 pandemic. But every evening at 8 p.m., people all over Spain go to their windows, balconies, or terraces. The noise begins softly, but builds up immediately and stretches throughout neighbourhoods and cities. People are clapping for the healthcare workers in Spain’s strained hospitals, for the grocery store workers that stock the shelves, for the truck drivers that deliver food and supplies, for the pharmacists that open up shop, for everyone who’s helping the country navigate the worst public health crisis in a generation. Read More >>

Police in Spain Are Using Drones to Tell People to Stay in Their Damn Homes During Coronavirus Crisis

Police in Spain, which is under lockdown to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, are embracing tech during this global pandemic. This weekend, officers in the capital city, Madrid, began using very loud drones to tell people that are out and about during this crisis to stay home. Read More >>

Following Italy, Spain Locks Down Entire Country to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

Days after neighbouring Italy locked down the entire country because of the novel coronavirus, Spain declared a state of emergency and announced that it will become the second European country to impose these drastic measures to control the spread of the virus. The message to the public was clear: stay home. Read More >>

A Spanish Beach Town is Filling Up With Sea Foam

Tossa de Mar is an absurdly beautiful popular holiday spot in Catalonia, Spain. It’s got clear blue water views, a variety of European cuisines, and for a limited time only, massive amounts of weird ass sea foam. Read More >>

Siri Doesn’t Know Who the King of Spain Is

Siri is apparently having a really hard time figuring out what’s going on in Spain lately. Apple’s voice assistant made headlines in the European country today for providing two answers to the question, “Siri, who is the king of Spain?” The first answer, Felipe VI, is indeed the real king of the country. However, the second answer is actually Spain’s prime minister, Pedro Sánchez. Read More >>

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Absolute Legend Catches iPhone in Midair While Riding Roller Coaster

Samuel Kempf was riding a roller coaster in Spain when he saw an iPhone hurtling through the air. Lesser men may have simply watched helplessly as the phone plummeted to Earth, no doubt getting destroyed in the process, but Kempf is not lesser men. He jumped into action, and like a figure from a Renaissance painting, stretched his hand to the heavens, rescuing that iPhone from a shattered fate that smartphone users know all too well in the 21st century. Amazingly, the iPhone grab was all captured on video. Read More >>

Medicine Swap Screwup Gave Babies ‘Werewolf Syndrome’

A medicine imbroglio left several parents in Spain scrambling to figure out why their children were growing hair all over their bodies. Read More >>

YouTuber Sentenced to Prison For Giving Homeless Man Toothpaste-Filled Oreos

YouTube contains hundreds of videos of the toothpaste-filled-Oreo prank. A cursory search will turn up many of these videos showing children tricking their family into eating a fluoride-filled faux treat. But in January 2017, a teenage, Barcelona-based YouTuber published a video showing a particularly cruel spin on this common prank. Read More >>

Amazon Workers in Spain and Germany Announce Strikes Ahead of Christmas: ‘Change Must Come Now’

Following protests over workers’ rights across Europe during the Black Friday crunch last month, Amazon workers in Spain and Germany continue to strike ahead of Christmas. Multiple protests are planned over what workers and unions describe as poor work environments, anti-union tactics, and demanding conditions resulting in physical and emotional pain. Read More >>

Spain to Ban the Sale of All Non-Electric Cars by 2040

Spain is wasting no time. The country plans to dramatically decarbonise its economy by 2050, and that includes banning a lot of cars, according to a draft law the Ministry for Ecological Transition published Tuesday. Read More >>

Amazon Warehouse Strike in Spain Reportedly Results in Police Clashes, Arrests

The second day of a three-day strike by Amazon warehouse workers near Madrid coinciding with the e-commerce giant’s Prime Day promotion escalated significantly on Tuesday, with trade unions telling Spanish newspaper Público that police in riot gear had charged the strikers multiple times on supposed grounds they were blocking traffic. Police arrested at least two participants in the protest, with one worker allegedly hit in the face with a truncheon and losing teeth as a result. Read More >>

Spain Moves to Ban Anti-Politician Memes

Spain's top political party has floated the idea that it might be nice to ban all funny things on the internet classed as memes, particularly ones that offend politicians within the country. Read More >>

First-Ever Hologram Protest Takes to the Streets in Spain

Following in the illuminated footsteps of noted iconoclast Tupac Shakur, a protest group in Spain took to the streets on Sunday — in hologram form. To the best of our knowledge it’s the first hologram political demonstration ever. Read More >>