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Lighting 200,000 Sparklers at Once Creates an Incredibly Satisfying Inferno

The sparklers arms race just made a few hefty strides towards sparklers doomsday as the folks at JoyBlend doubled their previous record by lighting off 200,000 of them at the same time. If you’ve ever wanted your birthday celebration to end in a gigantic apocalyptic fireball, this is how you’d do it. Read More >>

How Does a Sparkler Work?

What’s in that sparkler that burns so bright? That’d be incredibly hot-burning chemicals, mainly. Read More >>

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Lighting 100,000 Sparklers at Once Is the Quickest Way to Make a Working Volcano

Igniting 10,000 sparklers at once was a cute way to ring in the new year, but assembling 100,000 sparklers into a tower and adding fire is probably as close as one could get to building an artificial working volcano. Read More >>

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It Only Takes 200 Sparklers For a Blinding Inferno of Festive Fun

On the grand spectrum of fireworks ranked by awesomeness, sparklers are pretty far towards the "lame" end, just slightly cooler than black snakes. But what if you have a few hundred of them going off all at once? It's a little more impressive. Read More >>