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Microsoft Edge is the Official Name of the IE-Slaying Spartan Browser

One of the most exciting additions to Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 operating system is the IE browser killer, Project Spartan. We’ve been excited for months and months, but Spartan was never even meant to be the new browser’s final name, but today Microsoft revealed the official moniker of its next-gen window to the internet—Microsoft Edge! Read More >>

Four Missing Features I Want to See in Windows 10

Confession time: I love Windows. Yes, I work from a MacBook Air every single day, and it’s fine, but I prefer a Windows machine — and I’m really looking forward to Windows 10. That said, there are four things Microsoft hasn’t announced that I really want. Read More >>

Microsoft’s New Spartan Browser is Taking its First Step Into the Wild

As Windows 10 inches ever closer to its summer release, Microsoft's been adding new features piecemeal to the preview version of its next-generation operating system, and this may be the biggest update yet. Microsoft's brand-new browser, Spartan, is about to get its first taste of open internet. Read More >>

This is What Microsoft’s New Spartan Browser Will (Probably) Look Like

Microsoft first revealed that Internet Explorer was to be replaced by a new browser — codenamed Spartan — back in January. Now, a new leaked video reveals what it will (probably) look like. Read More >>

You’ll be Using Microsoft’s Shiny New Browser Sooner Than You’d Think

Windows 10 will change world of browsers, thanks to Microsoft offering an alternative to the infamous Internet Explorer in the form of Project Spartan. We don't have to wait until the full release of Windows 10 either, because it's coming to the next version of the Windows 10 Preview. Read More >>