JBL Kicks Off the Deluge of Lightning-Equipped iPhone 5 Speaker Docks (Update: Hands-On)

Well that didn't take long. JBL's just unleashed the 'world's first' Lightning speaker docks for your shiny new iPhone 5, iPod touch, iPad Mini or 4th gen iPad. You do want a speaker dock, right? Read More >>

The Lumia 920’s Wireless Charging Speaker Dock Looks Crazy Cool

The Lumia 920 has wireless charging, which in and of itself is fun and neat and interesting and a delightful little quirky perk. But it'll also have colour-matching Power Up speakers from JBL that charge your phone every time you gently lay it on top. Pretty cool. Read More >>

The La Boite Audio Desk Makes Your Average Laptop Stand Look Like a Cheap Toy

Furniture that's also tech seems to be all the rage at the moment, what with Ikea's TV-come-shelf thing. How about a desk-like laptop stand that packs Parisian style with some serious high-end audio punch? Read More >>