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Futurama’s Bender Turned Into a Belligerent Smart Speaker That’s Still More Useful Than Siri

If you’re going to put a smart speaker in your home that disregards your privacy and functions only to rake in profits from you in any way possible, it might as well be a disembodied interactive version of Futurama’s Bender instead of Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant. “Bite my shiny metal ask me anything.” Read More >>

This Smart Speaker Prototype Can Throw Its Voice Like a Ventriloquist

If you get carried away with setting up helpful reminders, eventually you’ll get tired of your smart speaker’s endless nagging and will start ignoring it. But what if instead of Siri or Alexa reminding you to water the plants, it sounded like your ficus or your toaster was actually talking and trying to grab your attention? Read More >>

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Marshall’s New Itty Bitty Smart Speaker Packs Big Sound

Marshall’s latest smart speaker is an unusually small boy. How small? The new Uxbridge Voice, which is integrated with Amazon Alexa, measures a mere 5 by 6.6 by 4.8 inches. Read More >>

Sonos’ Older Products Won’t Work On Its New OS

Earlier this year Sonos removed support for some older devices, but quickly backflipped when fans rather loudly voiced their displeasure. While these devices are still going to be supported past May, things are going to be a little more complicated, because Sonos just announced a shiny new OS called the S2. Read More >>

Sonos to Roll Out Whole New App for Its Next Generation of Speakers

The Sonos saga continues. A few months ago, the company caught some flack for sundowning its older hardware – now dubbed “legacy” products. It then quickly amended that while its oldest products would no longer receive newer features, they would still receive security updates and bug fixes. A big unanswered question, however, was how exactly would newer and legacy Sonos products interact? Read More >>

How to Choose Between Wired, Bluetooth, or Wifi for Your Home Speaker Setup

You’ve got more choices than ever when it comes to building a home speaker setup. But the real question is: Should you buy wired speakers, wifi speakers, or Bluetooth speakers? What about a mix of the three? Here we’ll outline the different approaches these three standards take in terms of audio, and what the benefits and drawbacks of each one are. Read More >>

Sonos Won’t Brick Your Device Anymore if You Want to Recycle

A few months ago, Sonos drew the ire of some customers and recyclers trying to trade in their old devices. The main issue was that in order to partake in its Trade Up programme – which rewards customers with a discount on new Sonos products if they recycle their old ones – you had to essentially brick the device. People with perfectly usable old devices were being forced to turn them in to be scrapped, rather than refurbished. Well, it would appear that Sonos is backpedalling on that policy. Read More >>

Am I Blind or Does This £1,750 Speaker Kind of Look Like a Lamp?

Bang & Olufsen is no stranger to crafting stylish and wallet-breaking gadgets. Well, the Danish company is at it again with this...lampy looking speaker, the Beosound Balance. It’s designed in conjunction with Layer, a London-based design agency, and costs £1,750. Also, it looks like the base for an artsy lamp. Read More >>

That Is One Big Portable Bluetooth Speaker

I am not a loud party person. At bars or social gatherings, I’m more apt to leave early if the host or venue has music on so high that I have to constantly yell “WHAT?” at my friends. But if that’s your thing, then Ultimate Ears’ latest speaker, the Hyperboom, is the company’s loudest portable Bluetooth speaker yet. Read More >>

Huawei Just Ripped off the HomePod and iPad Pro

Today is the day of what should have been Huawei's big MWC press conference, but now that the show is cancelled it's just a regular press conference. It's a conference with plenty of announcements to speak of, and among them are some gadgets that are remarkably similar to what Apple has to offer. Specifically there's a tablet that looks like an iPad Pro and a speaker that looks an awful lot like a HomePod. Read More >>

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There’s a Tiny Baby Yoda Bluetooth Speaker and We Want It

Never ones to miss out on a merchandising opportunity unless it involves a female character, the Star Wars folks at Disney are capitalising like hell on the love for Baby Yoda. Read More >>

Libratone’s New Speaker is an Adorable Little Birb

Audio brand Libratone is celebrating its tenth birthday, and instead of getting themselves a present, they've given us one in the form of the incredibly cute BIRD speaker. Read More >>

Sonos Backpedals, Says ‘All Products Will Work Past May’

Just a few short days ago, Sonos dropped the bomb that some of its older products would no longer receive software updates starting in May 2020. In the initial announcement, Sonos reasoned that the ‘legacy products’ were all reaching the end of their useful life. It then told users they could either recycle the products through its Trade Up program or simply keep legacy devices as they were, understanding that they would eventually lose functionality over time. Today, the company published a blog from CEO Patrick Spence saying that well, actually, Sonos will continue supporting legacy products beyond May. Read More >>

Sonos Is Officially Killing Off Some of Its Older Speakers

Planned obsolescence is the bane of consumer electronics. On that front, Sonos has stood out as one of the few tech companies that build longer-lasting products. In fact, the company is keen to point out that 92 per cent of all the products it has ever shipped are still in use today. But now, Sonos wants you to know that all things must eventually die. The company announced that starting in May 2020, it will stop pushing software updates and new features to some of its oldest products. Read More >>

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All the Ways You Can Use Multiple Smart Speakers Together

With another holiday season over, it’s more likely than ever that you’ve got multiple smart speakers in the same house – Alexa or Google Assistant within shouting range in multiple rooms, just in case you want to check the weather forecast or set a timer. If you do have several smart speakers installed, here are the extra tricks you can do with them. Read More >>