EE Threatens Ofcom With the Lawyers Over Spectrum Auction

BT's EE mobile division is about to send a scary letter to Ofcom, threatening it with court action over a ruling that future mobile spectrum sales should be capped for some networks. Read More >>

DARPA Wants to Give Radio Waves AI to Stretch Bandwidth

The radio spectrum is a mess: it’s congested, expensive and there’s no room for expansion. But DARPA has a plan to change that, by building a system where radio waves can work together using artificial intelligence, rather than fighting for space. Read More >>

Astronomers are Furious About the Roomba Lawnmower

What could the makers of Roomba and astronomers possibly be arguing over? This is the story of how an obscure slice of the electromagnetic spectrum become the object of one bitter fight. Read More >>

Ofcom Shuffling Terrestrial TV Again to Make More Room for Mobile Data Waves

The regulator of all things to do with radio, TV and mobile transmission in the UK is set to free up more of the airwaves for mobile use, with the 700MHz part of the spectrum about to enter the mobile data market. Read More >>

Why Drone Engineering Sucks (and How It Gets Better)

Despite our international obsession with drones — both their awesome powers and terrifying repercussions — the truth is that they're an incredibly immature technology. And, like most immature technologies, that means they're not quite all they're cracked up to be. Read More >>

Ofcom’s Looking at Letting All the Networks Broadcast 4G on Existing 2 and 3G Spectrum

Following EE's 1800MHz 2G to 4G licence swap, Ofcom's been reviewing current mobile network licensing. It seems the UK mobile regulator has come to the conclusion there's no reason other network providers can't do the same. Could we suddenly see a load more 4G networks before the official 4G auction finishes? Read More >>

Ministry of Defence Flogging its Own 4G-Ready Radio Spectrum

Our cash-strapped MoD is about to receive a bit of a windfall, thanks to plans to sell off a chunk of radio spectrum it currently uses for emergency services. Read More >>

UK 4G Auction Rules Set; Networks Start Raiding The Piggy Bank

So, we finally have a set-in-stone date for the sweet, soothing rays of competitively-priced 4G to hit our shores. The telecoms regulator Ofcom has published the rules for the 4G spectrum auction, giving a timeline for when licenses will be given, and letting us know whenabouts that switch will finally be flipped. Read More >>

EU Wants 3G Spectrum to be Reused for Quick 4G Coverage Boost

The EU is asking its member states to free up more of their airwaves for use with future 4G services, with some of bands currently used by 3G networks soon to be recycled and made available for next-gen LTE connections. Read More >>

The 100-Strong ZX Spectrum Collection Is Your Manic-Mining Deal of the Day

If you're old enough to remember the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, a small part of your heart will always belong to it and today's top deal will thrill you to bits. If you don't, here's a chance to find out what all the fuss was about. Read More >>

Three Denies UK Pull-Out Over 4G Auction Mess

Three's pretty tetchy over the whole 4G auction in the UK, fearing the "big" guys could muscle it out of decent spectrum. Now, according to the Times on Sunday, Three's parent company has thrown its toys out of the pram and threatened to pull out of the UK unless it gets a decent chunk of LTE-capable spectrum. Or has it? Read More >>

Three Threatens to Derail 4G in the UK With Legal Action

No one said auctioning-off spectrum for the rollout of 4G in the UK would be simple, but it’s getting pretty damn complicated that’s for sure. We’ve already heard that Everything Everywhere could bog it all down with litigation should it be in-the-clear for its 1800MHz 3G to 4G switch. Now Three, Britain’s smallest network, is frightened it’s going to get squeezed-out of the better 800MHz band, and so is threatening legal action of its own should Ofcom not do something more to help it out. Read More >>

EU Demands 4G Broadband Spectrum Be In Place By January 2013

New rulings from the European Parliament have placed new urgency on the allocation of 4G services, telling member nations that they must have "authorised the use" of the two main 4G spectrums by January 1st 2013. Read More >>

MoD renting out spectrum
UK Military Renting Radio Spectrum Until Sale In 2015

The Ministry of Defence is offering up a bit of radio spectrum for rent around the 3500MHz mark. Only one problem: it's up for sale in 2015, so anyone taking advantage will have to clear out by then for the new owners. Read More >>

MPs Ask Ofcom to Boost 4G Coverage to 98 Per Cent of the UK

A committee of MPs is asking Ofcom to up its plans for the UK's future 4G network, saying it should increase its coverage demands from including 95 per cent to 98 per cent of the country. Read More >>