The Scientists Who Won’t Give Up on the Warp Drive

For most of us, travelling faster than the cosmic speed limit – the speed of light – is a science-fiction fantasy that breaks the very foundation of modern physics. But in the eyes of an engineering undergrad at the University of Alabama in Huntsville named Joseph Agnew, it’s a theory worthy of study. Read More >>

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What’s the Speed of Dark?

The speed of light is one of the most important constants in physics. First measured by Danish astronomer Olaus Roemer in 1676, it was Albert Einstein who realised that light sets an ultimate speed limit for our universe, of 186,000 rip-roaring miles per second. But while the immutability of lightspeed is drilled into physics students at a young age, Einstein’s laws also state that all motion is relative, which got us thinking: what’s the speed of light’s nefarious doppleganger, darkness? Read More >>

How Can Galaxies Possible Move Away From Us Faster Than the Speed of Light?

According to Albert Einstein, the speed of light is an absolute constant beyond which nothing can move faster. So, how can galaxies be travelling faster than the speed of light if nothing is supposed to be able to break this cosmic speed limit? Read More >>

How Fast Things Travel Compared to the Speed of Light

Sometimes it's hard to put things like the speed of light into perspective: it's a number so large that it's tough to make sense of. Which is why this visualisation, which compares the speed of things you can (kinda) more easily visualise, is massively helpful. Read More >>

Super-Fast Space Travel Would Kill You in Minutes

Everyone thinks it would be cool to travel at the speed of light, which is why scientists devote their lives to working out if it would be possible and NASA is trying to develop its own warp drive. But easy, tiger: turns out super-fast space travel would be fatal. Read More >>

Faster-Than-Light Travel May Be Possible

According to Einstein's special theory of relativity, light traveling in a vacuum is the universal speed limit. But scientists love to try and break rules — and now a tweaked version of Einstein's equations suggests that faster-than-light travel might just be possible. Read More >>

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Neutrinos Still Faster Than Light Even After Corrections

Ok, now this is getting a little nuts. After being debunked, corrected and retested, it seems as if those pesky neutrinos are still breaking the speed of light. Read More >>

How to Break the Speed of Light in Your Backyard

Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, right? Wrong! I think. Honestly, all I'm positively sure of after watching this mind-bending One Minute Physics lesson is that I need to go point a laser at the moon asap. Read More >>