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How Fast Can You Travel Before It Kills You?

The human body can withstand a lot before giving up and dying: falls from second-story windows, years of fevered substance abuse, wolf attacks, etc. We have a pretty good idea of what it can’t tolerate, but some ways of dying instantly have received less attention than others, and speed is one of these. We’ve all seen pictures of people moving at top-speed – but is there a velocity beyond which those blown-back cheeks actually fly off your face? Read More >>

Brit Pensioner Thinks He Can Get His Bike up to 93mph

75-year-old cyclist and famed bike designer Mike Burrows has had another dream to outdo his previous achievements in the cycling world. He's up for the challenge of setting the human-powered transport world record this September, in a self-designed bike he'll be smashing around the flat, warm and beautifully tarmacked cycling paradise of Battle Mountain in Nevada. Read More >>

Man Averages 90mph in Illegal-But-Impressive Country Race Run

A man and his mate in a modded Audi are the new holders of the unofficial Land's End to John O'Groats route time record, although in covering the distance in nine hours and 36 minutes they averaged a speed of nearly 90mph -- so perhaps ought to be considered dangerous lunatics rather than modern touring heroes. Read More >>

Jet-Powered Hearse Could Top 200mph, Says Maker

Speed and engineering enthusiast Matt Mckeown has a new project on the go. He's modifying a 1992 Ford hearse by sticking a jet engine in it, because he has a spare jet engine or two kicking about in the garage and why on earth not? Read More >>

The Air Force Smashed the Maglev Speed Record at 633MPH

Hold on to your hats: The US Air Force has accelerated a sled down a magnetic levitation track at an incredible 633 mph, setting a new world record in the process. Read More >>

Government Backs Away from 10Mbps Internet for All Guarantee

Business/digital/culture MP Ed Vaizey appears to be shuffling away from previous suggestions that there might be a 10Mbps guaranteed internet connection for everyone at some point in the UK's glorious digital future, using vague terms like "should" and "get nearer" when addressing a committee on the matter. Read More >>

These are the Fastest and Slowest Places in the UK for Broadband

New stats assembled from the speedtest data of aggrieved men claim to have identified the best and worst spots in the country for download speeds, revealing the hell holes where average broadband speeds barely trickle over the 1Mbps mark. Read More >>

A Record-Breaking 107 MPH Mobility Scooter Makes Me Excited to Grow Old

It’s generally assumed that when you reach retirement age, life starts to slow down. But not for mechanics David Anderson and Mathew Hine who spent six months upgrading a 10 MPH mobility scooter into a record breaking dragster that officially hit a top speed of 107.6 MPH. Read More >>

BT Wants to Make 5Mbps the New Broadband Default Speed

BT's boss has delivered a speech outlining his company's future commitments to the nation's pipes, claiming he foresees a dream world where even the remotest broadband notspot is one day connected to the infinite fun cloud at no less that 5Mbps. Read More >>

London Tests Remote Limiting Tools to Stop Buses Speeding

A small test group of London's buses are to be fitted with a GPS-linked speed monitoring tool, one designed to make sure its drivers can never break the speed limits when ferrying people about town. Read More >>

We’re Still Paying for Internet Speeds We’ll Never Hit

The latest combination of miserable speed test results put together by consumer pressure group Which? paints a sorry picture of the state of the UK's ISP and advertising worlds, claiming that nearly three-quarters of the homes in the UK are signed up to broadband packages that promise maximum speeds users never see. Read More >>

Virgin Media Users Spotted Speed Testing 200Mb+ Connections

Virgin Media could well be about to upgrade its customers to some new and unprecedented fibre broadband speed levels, with speed test results from Virgin's fibre users appearing to show that some testers are already enjoying early access to download speeds in excess of 200Mb. Read More >>

Ford’s Take on the Smart Car Could Stop us Getting Speeding Tickets

Rather than announcing an autonomous self-driving vehicle bioengineered from high-fructose corn syrup, car maker Ford is setting its sights on achieving a balance between today's manual cars and the hive-controlled world of the future -- by slowing you down when a speed camera is near. Read More >>

Smallers ISPs are Better at Keeping Users Happy

A survey of how happy ISP users are with their connections has found that people tend to be more content with the services of the smaller companies, with the giants leading the list of complaints -- and the minnows doing a better job. Read More >>