ISPs Told to Give Better Speed Estimates, Including Peak Contention Crunches

Communications regulator Ofcom is having about its fiftieth shot at making the ISPs sell us broadband in a more honest way, this time asking for clearer indications of lower-end speeds and real-world estimates of evening contention. Read More >>

Openreach Van Effigy Wins Bonfire Night

Residents in the village of Templeton in Devon have put into action what many of us have been thinking, with their fury at BT's engineering teams demonstrated by burning an effigy of an Openreach van. Read More >>

Sky Guarantees Minimum Fibre Speed for New Buyers

Potential new signer-uppers to Sky's Fibre Max superfast broadband product have a nice little carrot dangling in front of them today, as the ISP part of the broadcaster is now guaranteeing a minimum connection speed for joiners. Read More >>

Scottish MPs Say BT’s 10Mbs Broadband Offer Only Suits BT

BT's apparently generous offer to put in place a minimum of 10Mbps broadband for the final few per cent of the country is not going down well in the rural parts of Scotland, with local MPs saying it could end up strengthening BT's monopoly and dissuading other firms from competing to install superfast connections. Read More >>

Digital Economy Bill to Demand House-by-House Broadband Speed Checks

Those vague guesstimates of broadband speed offered by Rightmove and the like will have to be improved upon if the Digital Economy Bill goes ahead, with one clause within the new law's paperwork demanding that ISPs allow access to specific speed test results for individual addresses. Read More >>

BT Gets Sky Broadband Ad Pulled Over Misleading Claims

BT has complained about a broadband advert put out there by deadly pipe rival Sky, with the UK's advertising watchdog agreeing with BT's speculative punt that Sky's ad was possibly a bit misleading and selective on the data used. Read More >>

These are the Fastest and Slowest Places in the UK for Broadband

New stats assembled from the speedtest data of aggrieved men claim to have identified the best and worst spots in the country for download speeds, revealing the hell holes where average broadband speeds barely trickle over the 1Mbps mark. Read More >>

10Mbps Internet for Everyone by 2020, Promises the Government

The new Universal Service Obligation will let everyone in the UK request a 10Mbps internet connection by the year 2020, as the government moves on from today's laughable 2Mbps speed commitment. Read More >>

We’re Still Paying for Internet Speeds We’ll Never Hit

The latest combination of miserable speed test results put together by consumer pressure group Which? paints a sorry picture of the state of the UK's ISP and advertising worlds, claiming that nearly three-quarters of the homes in the UK are signed up to broadband packages that promise maximum speeds users never see. Read More >>

Small Pocket of Welsh to Test BT’s 500Mbps Non-Fibre Links

BT and its Openreach fleet of van-driving engineers are about to trial its technology out in the real world, with a small group of around 100 homes in Swansea getting the first look at the fibre-like speeds BT thinks it can get through traditional copper connections. Read More >>

Street in Romney Marsh Shamed as the Worst for Broadband in the UK

A mash-up of around 1 million broadband speed test results has outed the fastest and slowest broadband spots in the UK, with recorded local averages ranging from 0.5Mbps to a luxurious and futuristic 72Mbps. Read More >>

BT Claims Gigabit Internet is Possible Using Antique Copper Lines

BT says it's successfully tested a combined upspeed and downspeed connection running at 1Gbps over a part-copper network, raising the prospect of a "Fibre To The Distribution Point" system that could replace the need for fibre to be wired into individual houses. Read More >>

Boris Promises 5G Connectivity for London by 2020

According to London's Mayor, the city will be among the first places in the world to feature a full 5G mobile network, with Johnson suggesting the next-gen data network should be ready for launch by 2020. Read More >>

40 Per Cent of Brits Suffer 5Mbps Broadband; are You One of Them?

Despite the talk of fibre, cable and various superfast connections, the internet is still one big buffering lump of misery for many, with stats suggesting that 40 per cent of the population struggles to get a Speedtest result over the 5Mb mark. Is this your daily hell? Read More >>

Samsung GALAXY S4 zoom
EE Shares More Details on London’s Stonking 300Mb LTE-A

4G network EE is set to further boost its lead in the LTE world, with company boss Olaf Swantee following through on promises that the capital's 4G speeds will be boosted to a scarcely-believable maximum of 300Mb/s. That's fast enough to download the entire contents of a simple person's brain in under a minute. Read More >>