How Witchcraft on Facebook is Helping People Grieve

One of the first things I asked of Nick Detloff was that he cast a spell on me. The 36-year-old says he’s the only person offering real-time spellcasting on Facebook Live, and based on my own research, that’s true. (Many Wiccan-centred groups on the platform are closed or hidden, including the one Detloff broadcasts his videos in.) Read More >>

Sell Your Black Magic Elsewhere, Says eBay

Starting today, warlocks and witches the world around will have to find a more hospitable hosting platform for their black magic business: eBay has had enough. Read More >>

eBay Bans Sales of Pretend Magical Rubbish

eBay is taking the rather pleasing step of cleaning up its site a little, announcing that nonsensical listings purporting to sell magical items, prayers and the casting of spells are to be phased out from September. Read More >>