Quebec City’s New, Over-Designed Bike Racks Cost a Staggering £14,000 Each

Making a bustling city more bike-friendly can be a good way to cut down on traffic and congestion. But while introducing dedicated bicycle lanes to existing roads can be an expensive upgrade, adding more bike racks shouldn’t be, which is why cyclists in Quebec City, Quebec, are miffed that the city is adding just seven of them at a cost of $165,000 CDN (£99,000). That comes out to a little over £14,000 each. Read More >>

People are Having Fun in Their Old Clothes

Spending statistics that watch what we spend our meagre casual salaries on appear to show a shift in the very fabric of modern consumerism, with the people moving away from buying clothes and gadgetry nonsense in favour of spending money on "experiences" with friends and family. Read More >>

Are You Blowing £2,500 a Year on Coffee, Crisps and Sandwiches?

Stats collated by Visa Contactless claim those who commute to work burn a staggering £10.59 a day buying lunch, breakfast, snacks and coffee, adding up to a total of around £2,500 a year. A third of people asked said they don't count this grazing expenditure as part of their everyday financial budget, choosing to ignore burning thousands on Double Deckers and coffee. [Telegraph] Read More >>

How Budgeting Your Gadget Purchases Could Blow Your Budget

We all know what it's like: you decide you finally need to get a new computer, TV or camera. The first thing you do is work out how much you can spend, then start looking for the best products in your price range. Big mistake, because budgeting like that will likely cause you to spend more. Here's how to wise up. Read More >>