Morrisons Humours Curry Moaners With New Hottest Supermarket Dish

Morrisons is looking to win the hearts, minds, and desensitised tongues of the serious curry eaters across the nation, as it's launched a new ready-made curry described as the flaming fiery phaal – an eight-chilli-rated threat to your throat containing a variety of scorpion chilli. Read More >>

The Good News is at Least the Chillies Will be Spicier

Something good's coming from the heatwave that's dried out most of the country, with the nation's main supermarket supplier of chillies saying that those grown during this fierce and spicy UK summer will end up tasting fiercer and spicier too. Read More >>

The Science of How Spice Affects Your Body

Eat a chilli, and your mouth feels like it's on fire—because, as far as your body is concerned, that's what your brain actually thinks is happening. Read More >>

Chemists Outrun Laws in War on Synthetic Drugs

The war on drugs has a new front, and so far it appears to be a losing one. Read More >>