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My Dad Was a Spy, Maybe

I remember my first phone call from the FBI clearly. It was mid-May 2015. I was sitting in my dreary Midtown cubicle, chugging iced coffee and trying to hold out for the end of the day as a lowly junior reporter. My eyelids were drooping when my wrist buzzed. Someone was calling me. My fitness band and phone were buzzing with a weird three-digit number. Read More >>

GCHQ Admits Boring Building in London was its Secret Spy Base for 66 Years

GCHQ has confirmed that an intentionally boring building opposite St James's Park tube station was a secret spy base for 66 years, but has now been sold and is back to being a boring building. Read More >>

Police Identify Two Russian Suspects in Novichok Poisonings Using Facial Recognition Tech

British police have reportedly identified two suspects in the nerve agent poisonings that left one person dead and three others injured. The suspects were identified after UK police combed through “months” of surveillance footage at British airports, as well as security camera footage from around Salisbury. Read More >>

A Former MI6 Trained Spy Explains: How Photographic Memory Works

I was about five years old when teachers started pointing out that I had a good memory. It led to always being cast as the lead in school plays, because I could reliably remember all my lines within a short period of time. I thought it was because I worked hard. Turns out it might just be because I have a photographic memory. Read More >>

Newly Declassified Documents Show Nazis Plotted to Destroy Panama Canal

Investigators in Chile have released thousands of declassified documents dating back to the Second World War, revealing the extent to which Nazi spies had infiltrated the country. Among the more shocking revelations is the discovery of a Nazi plot to destroy the Panama Canal—an act that would have changed “the history of the whole world.” Read More >>

Is This the CIA’s Most Shocking Hacker Tool Yet?

Even though the news is only a few hours old, some are already starting to wonder if the big WikiLeaks release of CIA hacking documents revealed anything “technically surprising.” Well, how about this: CIA hackers are obscenely well-versed in Japanese one-line ACSCII art. Read More >>

Buy These World War II Spy Gadgets But Don’t Tell Anyone

Everybody’s wondered what it would be like to be James Bond. Not the womanising or the killing or the endangering national security parts, of course. No, Gizmodo readers, it’s all about the gadgets, and today’s your lucky day. Read More >>

This Malware Turns Headphones Into Microphones

Researchers at Ben Gurion University in Israel have created malware that will turn your plugged in headphones into a microphone. Read More >>

James Bond Wouldn’t Get a Job With Us, Says MI6 Boss

Alex Younger, the head of the UK's spying division MI6, has said that he wouldn't give James Bond a job, were lightning to strike a Blu-ray copy of SPECTRE and bring the fictional spy to life. Read More >>

Family Domestic Among Spies Nearly Scuppered WWII D-Day Plans

Juan Pujol, a double-agent who operated under the codename Agent Garbo and was instrumental in putting the Nazis off the scent when it came to working out where the D-Day landings would take place, very nearly had his cover blown thanks to a heated domestic with his wife. Read More >>

The World’s Fastest Rocket Just Launched a Secret Spy Satellite

A secret satellite was launched into space yesterday. We don’t know just what it’s doing in space. But! We can see in these pictures exactly how it got there: aboard an incredibly fast rocket. Read More >>

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Spies Can Tell What a 3D Printer is Making by Listening to it

The latest bit of thinking in the industrial espionage world is really quite interesting, with analysts suggesting that the noises made by major brands of 3D printers could be reverse engineered to reveal the thing they're printing. Read More >>

GCHQ Spies Collect Too Much of Our Data For Their Own Good

Edward Snowden has shown that he’s still an almighty pain in GCHQ’s backside by leaking a document that describes the spy agency’s approach to data-collection. The ‘Data Mining Research Problem Book’ is essentially a top secret manual designed to help spies, well, spy. Read More >>

Not One of You Was Clever Enough to Solve the GCHQ Christmas Puzzle

Ahead of Christmas, GCHQ stepped up its recruitment efforts released a complex series of cryptographic puzzles, which the agency invited members of the public to solve before the end of January. Unfortunately, with the deadline now behind us, the spies have revealed that not one hopeful managed to complete all five challenges. Read More >>

Fancy Being Paid £250 to Become a Hacker? Apply to GCHQ’s Summer Schools

As part of its never-ending quest for fresh meat, GCHQ is trying to attract new cyber-talent by offering students £250 to attend one of its summer schools. The intelligence agency has four separate schemes spread out across the UK, and is inviting curious (or simply skint) over-18s to get stuck in. Read More >>