Prolonged Exposure to Outer Space is a Serious Pain in the Back

New research shows that astronauts who return from extended missions in space experience a significant weakening of their spinal muscles. Disturbingly, their back muscles didn’t return to normal even after several weeks back on Earth. Read More >>

Don’t Hunch Over Your Phone, it’s Bad for Your Neck

A spine expert has warned on the risks of spending several hours a day with your face bent toward a phone like a sunflower leaning to the sun, suggesting we're risking spinal damage from years of bending our heads forward to look at mobiles and tablets. Read More >>

Richard III Did Have a Bent Spine, But Nothing a Nice Jumper Couldn’t Hide

Car park king Richard III has had his spine scanned, 3D printed and analysed, with the findings suggesting that the king had only a slightly curvature of his spine that could've been masked by clothing. So he perhaps wasn't the grotesque character he's portrayed as by unkind history. Read More >>